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Checco Zalone, what was your job as a comedian before breaking into the cinema?

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Checco Zalone’s real name is Luca Medici Today he is a famous actor, comedian, comedian and musician who has managed to enhance his talent by reflecting himself in modern society.

Everyone knows how Checco Zalone, A native of Bari, with his films that entertained many viewers, he has made a total of 220 million euros and 4 of these films appear in the list of the ten highest-grossing films in Italy. But what was your job before success overwhelmed you?

Checco Zalone’s success is underlined by David di Donatello’s winning best soundtrack for his film as a director as well as an actor. “Tolo Tolo”. The nickname for his stage name is derived from which in the Bari Kozalo dialect means raw, tamaru.

Since adolescence, he was very fond of video games and spent most of the afternoons at home, he began to devote his life to music, became passionate about jazz and made his first appearance on television in one of the programs broadcast on Telenorba directed by Gennaro Nonziant, from the name Sutanoswho arrived in 2005 at the Zellige Circus where he made his debut in the tradition of Carmen Consoli which was followed by many others who greatly entertained the audience.

For the first time, Gennaro Nunziante presents the first film with Luca Medici titled I’m falling from the cloudsnext what a beautiful daythe film that raised a record amount of 2,500,000 euros, while in the first two days of programming it brought in nearly 7 million euros, surpassing Avatar and Harry Potter. The films brought in unprecedented revenue, 31,231,984 euros, He thus bypassed the capture of La vita è bella by Roberto Benigni.

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In 2020 and for the first time in directing, Checco Zalone also tried his hand at directing, achieving record sets as always and winning David di Donatello for Best Original Score, surpassing Laura Pausini: “If I knew I was coming, here everyone sleeps.. I won love!“.

What work has Checco Zalone done before?

Before landing in the world of entertainment, Luca Medici had done and accomplished many jobs Also a law degree from Barry University.

Also a man before he reaches success He also worked as a door-to-door salesman, a great job that left audiences in awe.

He said in an interview that, like many, he also dreamed of a permanent job: I also dreamed about it, because my parents, since I was a child, hoped that as soon as I became an adult, I could also overcome one of them, And I stayed with this idea until ten years ago. I even tried competing in the police, but it didn’t go well.

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then continues, “My aunt, who works specifically in the police, was very keen and so I tried to become a deputy inspector but then I was rejected for the quizzes test. Obviously, this was not my destiny. In Capurso, the city of Apulia where I was born, as well as in Bari and Milan, the myth of a permanent job persists, because finding a salary at the end of the month is synonymous with security.. Otherwise, to hack, you need to have a talent and be aware of it. Only in this way can everything be put to good use.”

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