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Identità Milano 2023 starts in a few hours

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Just a few more hours… Revolution! Tomorrow morning at 10.30 a.m. hands on target: the curtain rises on the eighteenth edition. Milan signThe most important international conference of signature dishes in Italy and the most prestigious in the world, born in 2005, with the voice, visibility and development of Italian chefs, then gradually expanded to several “border districts”, namely the world of pizza, pastry, wine, fusion, fine products, hospitality and hotel .

Tomorrow, from Saturday 28 January to Monday 30 at MiCo in Milan, practically all the main players in our country will take the stage and – returning after the methods and times dictated by Covid – a wide selection of international guests. The theme of the year is “Ladies and gentlemen, the revolution is served“So we can’t help but revolutionize ourselves. How Explained here Paul MarchiWith the founder Claudius Ceroni The event and its curator: “The themes of sustainability, economic and environmental, and attention to the working conditions of employees have been central to every sector of society for years. But first the pandemic, then the war unleashed by Russia, has shaken the world of food and hospitality to its roots with an unimaginable force. . Everything that has happened in the last three years forces us to think in a completely new way, as it has yet to be overcome. Question what has been built so far. Nothing will be the same before Autumn-Winter 2019/20, explains the theme. Ladies and gentlemen, the revolution is served. Whoever hasn’t figured it out yet, it’s time to open your eyes and not let yourself be overwhelmed by the facts. Yes, because there are moments in life that have the destructive power of a tsunami, and nothing can be done about it depending on our immediate will to resist.”

Milan sign Thus it fully fulfills its mission of describing change and innovation. Again Brand names: “The 2023 edition marks a return to more logical dates for exhibitors, speakers, the public and ourselves. We measure ourselves against the present and future revolution, at the convention center in Mico via Catamelata in Milan. Remember. Wherever it is, we will never stop looking for quality. Circumstances, We will not allow ourselves to be influenced by clichés and conventions”.

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The ongoing revolution will emerge only with completely renovated or new spaces – such asArena – but with a program dominated by the most prestigious speakers: there are a total of 131 for 84 subjects over three days, with 21 foreigners from 4 continents, 12 different countries (5 Spain, 4 United) representing half the world. States, 3 Colombia, 2 Argentina, 1 each Ghana, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Sweden and Uruguay. all other Italians).

21 foreigners from 4 continents, 12 different countries (5 Spain, 4 United States, 3 Colombia, 2 Argentina, 1 each Ghana, Brazil) with a total of 131 speakers for 84 subjects over 3 days. , Canada, Mexico, Japan, Sweden and Uruguay. all other Italians)

It ends again Brand names: “As always, we intend to give a platform to as many people as possible. The last few years, very sad and heavy, have not been easy. This edition, in addition to seeing many young people at the center. And a great desire for redemption, will see the return of major international protagonists, many of them themselves. To shut down and defeat the temptation to set limits everywhere is to testify that dramas and difficulties are as easy to face and resolve as being alone. Selfishness does not work, and no one saves themselves.

See you tomorrow!

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