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Ice Hockey: “The Match for Life!” Remember Roberto “Tata”

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After two years of the epidemic and the forced cessation of demonstrations, the traditional demonstrations have returned this year friendly matchknown asThe match for life!‘, among the profiles made up of old glories subordinate Asiago Old Bears And the Italian champion and the AHL team fromAsiago Hockey 1935.

All proceeds from the match, due Altarpiece Hodegart for Thursday August 18 in 20:30will be donated to Charity to Kidney Disease Research: “Also on this occasion – mentioned by IRRVI . FoundationThe President Mantovani confirmed the cooperation One of the champions of the first Asiago hockey team for one Just a useful reason. Fundraising forInternational Kidney Research Institute IRRIV led by Professor Claudio Ronco which is based inSan Bortolo Hospital in Vicenza. The institute is credited with many important researches to improve the lives of dialysis and transplant patients“.

Ice Hockey Match of Life Asiago Old Bears - Claudio Ronco Lucio Topati
Photo by Roberta Strazabosco

Then Captain Magnapusco and his cohorts will descend on the ice to face the old glory of Asiago Hockey, from which they will play One-time samplesYesterday’s champion and even Professor Ronko with number 19. He’ll be one Solidarity Day with the The existence of associations from the gift, edu And the vedas who sponsored one of the two chalices at the Palio. The other was provided directly by the IRRIV Foundation.”In memory of the friend and the actors Roberto Bennetti TATAHe recently passed away. Admission will be free with an offer in favor of the institution and research.

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Again, therefore, Asiago Hockey 1935 presents itself not only as a great team full of hockey stars, but also as family and how the society made of Heroes of Solidarity and FriendshipEnterprise closed.

charity match poster

Ice Hockey Asiago Old Bears For Life - Poster

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