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Ice Hockey League, Asiago eliminated by Fehervar – FISG

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Ice Hockey League, Asiago eliminated by Fehervar – FISG

Despite playing a head-to-head match and staying in the match until the end of the second match of the qualifiers, Migros Asiago failed to beat Firvar who beat Odegar with a score of 5 to 4 and eliminate the Giallorossi with a score of 2 to 0. The series. Thus ends the Stars’ first year in the ICE league listed as they closed out the regular season in 9th place well suited to qualify for the pre-playoffs.

After a clear 4: 0 victory at home, Hydro Fehérvár AV19 also made a perfect start to the second match of the series, with Csanad Erdely making the first 1: 0 in the third minute. Soon after, Asiago equalized through Luc Moncada. The visitors led twice more in the first period and were narrowly 3:2 behind after the opening period. After the shooting of Michele Marchetti She managed to equalize again on the strength of the game, but the course of the game continued to signal the Hungarians in a very crackling match. Anze Kuralt (31) made it 4: 3, while captain Janus Hari secured the lead with two goals for the Eastern European national team for the first time. However, the home side shone again Jordan Venorowhich made the score 4: 5. After a goal-fest that lasted over 40 minutes, no more goals were scored in Season 3 and Asiago’s first two-day ICE Hockey League season came to an end. For Fehervar, this is the eighth participation in the qualifiers.

In the other match, Linz won Graz 6-2 and tied the scores. Sunday, the decisive match in Linz determines the venue for the last play-off match of the current ICE season. At this stage there will be a selection round and on Tuesday the quarter-finals will start with Bolzano at the Sparkas Arena who will have the first right to pick in the draft to determine the opponent in the quarter-finals.

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win2day ICE Hockey League, “best-of-3” pre-playoffs – Game 2 – March 3

Fri, 03.03.2023: Migross Supermarkets Asiago Hockey – Hydro Fehérvár AV19 4:5 (2:3, 2:2, 0:0)
Referees: STERNAT, ZRNIC, Hribar, and Zgonc.
Asiago goals: Moncada (7.), McShane (14.), Marchetti (22./PP), Venoro (39).
Goals Fehérvár: Erdely (3.), Stipsicz (9.), Campbell (20.), Kuralt (31.), Hari (38.)
Fehervar won the series 2-0 and proceeded to the quarter-finals. The end of the season for Asiago

Fri, 03.03.2023: Moser Medical Graz99ers – Steinbach Black Wings Linz 2:6 (0:2, 1:2, 1:2)
Referees: NIKOLIC M., PIRAGIC, Bärnthaler, Seewald.
Graz goals: Granholm (25. / PP2), Schechel (50.)
Linz goals: Dorion (5.), Stewart (17./SH), Leibler (21./PP, 22., 54./PP), Romig (50.)
Chain tied, we go into the deciding race 3 challenge

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