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Hockey, the roar of the Trentino Tigers: it’s a victory for HC Pinè who won the category title

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Trent. With a small but essential 1 to 0 HC Pinè tigersBefore 1300 spectatorsAnd HC Feltreghiaccio passed Also in the second game of the final playoffs for the IHL – Division I after winning a week ago in Pala Feltre for a score of 3 to 2.

in this way The Trentino team wins the final, which will not need a third match to determine the winner.

After last year’s second place behind HC Valpellice Bulldogs, Pinetans won their second consecutive category final. This is how the season is IHL – Division I eventful and with a finale that attracted a worthy audience and fans.

Custom match for balance. The goalkeeper, Matteo Calvi, certainly tipped the balance in the early stages when the visitors immediately tried to gain the upper hand. Then there is a whirlwind of penalties, three on each side, also including a 30-second double-goal for the hosts, but the score is not opened with both teams going goalless into the first half.

In the second period, the situation changes rapidly. In the third period, Feltreghiaccio’s team did not give up and tried to force time but always found Binet alert.

This evening will be remembered by Luca Biassoni for a long time as he arrived his goal 86 seconds after the second encounter but he will also remain the only one in the whole match and therefore decisive for the final victory of the Trentino side.

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