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Ice Hockey: Bears and Boys Boys, Last Resort

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There are only four days left until the end of the first phase of the first section of international humanitarian law, So there is less and less chance of making mistakes for the 11 teams determined to fight for the best possible placement in the standings. The two groups represent different situations, with the western group looking more specific while anything could still happen in the east. The former also includes the two Milan teams, the Milan Bears and Cousins ​​of Old Boys Milan.

Ice hockey, bears on stage at Torrey Belles

A group where the top spot looks more and more like a deal that interests Bulldogs Tori Belles, expected tomorrow for the second leg against Milan. At 8pm we started in Cota Moradini with Torres returning from an agonizing victory for Usta, a success that really saw Piedmont in a tight spot for the first time but managed to get out with the three points anyway. The return home represents a chance for a seventh successive success, against an opponent who clearly lost in the first leg (7-2 away). The best attack and best defense in the league, the Bulldogs focus on maintaining high pace and intensity to stop a Milan Fresh from defeating Chiavina. He stopped after a very tight and decisive match in the final, but above all a zero in the standings that forced Lombard to stay at -6 of the two Piedmont teams. Kota Moradini’s away match will be a very difficult test for the Bears, as they have been called up to replace them to prove they have something to say even against the big names in the league.

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Old boys on stage in the agora

At 20.30 in the Agora on Via dei Ciclamini, the Old Boys host Aosta in a real playoff for fourth place. The Milanese are coming back from two clear defeats to the “Losers”, but on their own home ground they will try to make up for this against the gladiators who won 3-1 in the first leg. A challenge certainly open to a new team but already eager to collect the POIs, with a young group that wants to continue its growth trajectory. A similar argument can be made for Usta, however, made up of elements that have a greater common experience and a more “historical” experience. The wrestlers’ team, currently in fourth place, is aiming for a full loot in Milan to tie the Bears up the standings and re-launch the final in the early part of the season as they go looking for the podium. This is with a roster that has already seen several items called up with the Italian youth national teams and can therefore only be considered very futuristic. Sunday’s match (6.45 pm) between Chiavina and Real Torino ends the round. Standings after six days: HC Valpellice Bulldogs 18 points; HC Real Torino 15; HC Milan 9 Bears Gladiators Aosta HC 6; HC Chiavina 3; Old Boys Milan 3.

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