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Ice hockey: Asiago Junior’s under-17 team loses to Hodegaert against Alleg-Cortina duo

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Everything will also be rebuilt for the boyssh / 17 That night on the local ice they were overtaken 5-2 by their fellow players in the squad Oleg And the curtain: “Sure enough, the absence weighed on us, but the attitude was also lacking“AnnouncedAsiago Junior at the end of the game. “You win as a team and you lose as a team“.

In the meantime, to better prepare for the season, Little Lions train at dawnbefore the start of lessons at school.

Asiago Report

In the event of an emergency with Sartori and Jorowski unavailable and Barco disqualified, on the second day of the tournament, U17 is at home against Alleg Cortina. The Blanket is Short: The Power of Play We send 4 defenders on the ice, two of whom are U15 rookies. We play it for long periods but we don’t speed up and above all we lack reaction when we lose. The first half ends with perfect balance: at 8:46 Giacomo Sodero puts the Belluno group ahead. Two minutes of siren serving Giovanni Benetti Andrea Miglioranzi This same bags.

Asiago Junior - Under 17 - goal by Cortina Allegi and Andrea Miglioranzi

In the central part, the guests exert more pressure and close us in the third. We have 3 goals in less than 10 minutes. We feel the blow and completely lose the reaction.
In the third inning, in the first power match, Alleg-Cortina concluded it with Rosario Tolumelli with a assist from Nicola Rimoldi. Giallorossi’s reaction comes mainly from individual initiatives, which fail to alarm the guests’ rear guard. only in the end, Andrea Miglioranzithe last to give up, finds the correct slot served by Leonardo Rappicini, for the last 5 to 2.

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Two free days at Pala Hodegart in Asiago to try hockey and art

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