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Ice hockey: Asiago Jr. on the pitch in solidarity with the ‘Oli Match’

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With “Azim” committed to conquering a group Continental Cupyoung athletes inHC Asiago Junior They continued the hockey season that started recently.

Before the results, it is necessary to talk about ‘special challenge’ Lived on Sunday by the Under-19 team, he took part in an away match against HC Real Torino to play ‘first game‘ And the “They do their part to support Olivia and play alongside her in her biggest game“.
Olivia Aversa, to whom these boys have dedicated the meeting, is a five-year-old girl born with a rare genetic disease of which only a few cases in the world are known.
In hockey you always have to fight, and even when everything seems lost, you still believe in it“. Each of us can make a huge difference. Together we can always!

To participate:
Bank transfer in the name of Associazione Help Olly Onlus, CF 97855900011
IBAN No. IT24D0313801000000013289426

Eppela fundraising for Alleghe Hockey

As nobody left fundraising for helpAlleg Hockey This season, after the closure of the Alves de Tone stadium, he is expected to be turbulent. The Italian team will in fact have to support external matches to train and play scheduled matches, which is why crowdfunding was launched in Ebella Where anyone can donate to the company to help pay the bills.

Youth team results

Let’s start with the little ones, withpromotional activity subordinate Veneto Commission of categories Less than 7 years old And the Under 9 years old which took place on a Sunday in Palaghiaccio in Padova Where there are over 50 kids from HC Asiago junior, HC Feltre, Sanve Sport and of course the kids from the home of Padova Waves,”They were finally able to unleash their skills on the ice. Between slide and slide, the young athletes had a great time and were able to make new friends“.

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Asiago Junior Championship U7 & 9 Padua


Came on Saturday afternoon at the Palasmeraldo di Fondo (TN) the second hit of Leoncini dell’less than 13 Who beat the team Nos Valleys To get 12 goals in 5 goals.
Monday selection under 12 Beat your peers in Hodegart Zoldo Reclaiming the reins of the game after a fairly quiet start.



Last Wednesday the team under 15 years old Asiago Junior, busy away, failed to keep up Trento Finishing the match with five goals, with the scoreboard stopping at 7 to 2 in favor of the hosts.
Next match on the calendar today afternoon in 17:30 against the Junior teams From the historical pairing of Egna and Ora.


sh / 17

Me too’Under 17 years old She had to move on the ice Trento For the last challenge, but the conclusion was completely different and Lions del’Asiago Junior managed to snatch a 3 to 2 shot from the hosts thanks to goals from Andrea MiglioranziAnd the Marco Rossi And the Andrea MariniWho scored the winning goal in less than 40 seconds from the siren.



After 5 to 2 trimesters in the week prior to bulldog ValblizziSundayUnder 19 years old Asiago Junior hit the mark again by closing the first leg Turin In the advantage of two goals against 0 thanks to the scoring Eduardo Manganelli And the door is empty Matthew Librandi.


Video and photos of the U19 match between Torino and Asiago

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