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Ice Age, studio says goodbye to fans via Scrat and his nuts

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Blue Sky Studios It hasn’t been around since last April. Founded about 34 years ago, it became incredibly popular in the 1990s with the Ice Age, a phenomenon with few dimensions in popular culture, but it hasn’t withstood the economic impact covid-19 pandemic. A disturbing ending, arguably, does not do justice to the importance of studying in the world of 3D animation and computer graphics.

A little more than a year later, a small group of former employees decide to say goodbye more appropriately and to fans’ satisfaction, calling into question their most emblematic character: the squirrel. drunk. Finally let him get Required a lot of acorns. The clip was shared on social networks by Disney Television Animation News, and it’s not an official account of the American giant, but comes from an unknown YouTube account called simply “Finale”. The video is unlisted, and appears to be from the days before the actual closing of the studios.

Blue Sky Studios has never quite replicated the success of Ice Age, especially the first chapter, but has spawned several other noteworthy works over the years, including Robots, the movie Rio and the Peanuts. However, this does not mean that its privileges are doomed to be forgotten; In fact, only in the past few hours has arrived on Disney Plus Scrat’s tales, animated series in short episodes We leave you the trailer below, and for only two months, also on Disney +, the episodic feature film The Adventures of Buck is available. This was the first film in the saga in which Blue Sky was in no way involved.

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