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# IAC2021, Space Alliance between Italy and Canada

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The space alliance between Italy and Canada was signed in Dubai. Giorgio Saccosia, President of the Italian Space Agency, and Lisa Campbell, President of the Canadian Space Agency, signed an agreement today to explore and use space for peaceful purposes.

The theater of the deal is again the International Space Congress organized for the 72nd edition of IAC 2021 in Dubai for the first time in the United Arab Emirates. There are four main areas for future cooperation between Italy and Canada: the development and final training of space exploration systems for space science and technology, Earth observation, and joint missions.

The agreements signed during the IAC 2021 have risen to three: In addition to the Canadian space agency, ASI has recently reached agreements with the Luxembourg Space Agency and the International Space Station (ISU). Meanwhile, bilateral meetings continue, including hosting activities today at the hosts, the Emirates space agency and the ASI stand at the traditional IAC exhibition.

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