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Farewell to Sergio Satriano, a mourner for Real Battipaglia

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Farewell to Sergio Satriano, 35, who died of an illness during the night in Battipalia. The young man was active in the world of sports, playing for Real Battipaglia.

‘Battipalya’ weeps a thirty-five-year-old young man, Sergio Satrianowho died of natural causes after a night sickness and is known in the densely populated city center Piana del Celle, in the province of Salerno, for being a football player from Real Battipaglia, an amateur team. In this case, it is inevitable to appear on social media, especially in local Facebook groups and on the pages of the football team, in messages of condolence and affection.

The Union of Amateur Sports Real Battipaglia sends a farewell message to the boy to Facebook:

You can spend whole days telling our stories… You were part of the corrupt group that’s why we wanted you and we want you in a world of good. You are one of us and we will never forget him.
Pay attention to your little joy from there, and if you have time, take a look at us too. We love you Sergio, have a good trip.

theNational amateur ega from Campaniathrough the Chairman of the Regional Committee Carmine Zigarelli Expresses his condolences:

Salerno, the body of a dead man found on the beach at Marconi Beach

Both the Board and the Committee are saddened by the sudden death of Sergio Satriano. A dear hug and my deepest condolences to the family.

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The young man was a carpenter. He was very serious and appreciated for his work, as one of his clients – acquaintances recalls:

Some of us have a piece of you in our homes. I have the wardrobe that I brought back in a couple of days to Federico’s surprise. Mom completely remodeled the house by you, just a few months ago. Federico built his shop entirely by you where he fulfilled his dream. We will think of you in everyday life.

The last farewell to Sergio Satriano will be today, via Compagnoni 45, in Battipaglia. At 9 a.m. the religious function will be celebrated in the church of “Santa Maria delle Grazie”.

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