September 30, 2023

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“I want to apologize. This is not acceptable.”

“I want to apologize. This is not acceptable.”
Vicki Mantegazza,

Corner stone

Two days after the humiliating defeat suffered within friendly walls at the hands of Friborg, the President broke the silence and took the floor.

Many left their seats at the end of the first half on Tuesday at the Corner Arena without returning. Luca Gianinazzi’s side were 5-0 down: four goals behind Koskinen came in just over three minutes.

In an interview with Corriere del Ticino, to break a press silence that has been going on for a few weeks, the Mantegazza boss said she would prefer that sporting director Hannat Domenicelli or CEO Marco Werder speak in their respective top sectors. . However, I reserve the right to intervene when I think it necessary to do so. Here, if I am speaking today, it is precisely for this reason.”

Many fans, who have been following HC Lugano for decades, wanted to send a strong message, almost out of anguish, on Tuesday, Five to Zero: It didn’t happen.

“The results are there for all to see, and I would like to apologize to our fans for what they had to witness. I refer in particular to the last match against Friborg. I cannot explain what happened, but what we saw on the ice was not that of Hockey Club Lugano. It is unacceptable », she continued. The lady who has presided over the hockey club in the region for years, but unfortunately for her is not yet happy to welcome the title of Swiss champion – unlike her father, Geo.

Mantegazza was also asked to comment on the inexperience of young coach Luca Gianninazzi. Luca has to go his own way and grow, and I think he justified his choices last night in a way that I agree with too. said the chief.

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Dispelling any speculation or doubt, he added: «We wanted to focus on Luca for post-Msorley. Although this moment came 18 months ago, we intend to continue building a future with him. He has black and white DNA in his blood.”