September 26, 2023

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The UK and Canada are also boycotting Beijing 2022. Manufacturer prices in China are declining

Manufacturers’ prices have been falling since the recent eruption and hopes that the Chinese government will solve the dilemma of high debt and a collapsing real estate system have kept Hong Kong’s mood high today (Evergrande is up 5.2% yesterday to an all-time high), up 0.9% in Italy at 7:20 am (+ 1.19%), the Nikkei is down 0.47%. Laboratory studies to neutralize the new variant may require a third dose of the vaccine, and South Africa’s largest private healthcare network says the symptoms are “very mild,” and Japan is also in the red without reports from Pfizer and Biotech. In previous waves, the UK has been asking people to work from home again.

In fact, the future is traveling equally on Wall Street, while markets are turning to buying T bonds, with yields ranging from 1.52% to 1.51%. Gold traded sideways at $ 1,786 an ounce, while US WTI oil rose 0.94% to $ 73 a barrel. Meanwhile, scientists in Australia are exploring the most difficult-to-find version of Omigran.

Chinese manufacturer prices rose 12.9% in November, down from a 26-year high of 13.5% in October, but 12.4% higher than market forecasts. A recent reading reflects the government’s efforts to ease energy shortages and control volcanic eruptions.

China’s annual inflation rate rose to 2.3% in November, from 1.5% a month ago and was below the market consensus of 2.5%. This is the highest number since August 2020, due to rising food prices for the first time in six months.

Meanwhile, the US and Australia joined the US and Australia in boycotting the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, while the US House yesterday approved legislation banning imports from China’s Xinjiang region due to concerns over forced labor, while Washington rejects Beijing’s treatment. Uyghur Muslim minority. That is why it decided to withdraw its officials from the Olympics.

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China denies abuses in Xinjiang, but the US government and several human rights groups say Beijing is committing genocide. Republicans have accused the White House, President Biden and Democrats in Congress of slowing down legislation because it would complicate the renewable energy agenda. Xinjiang supplies most of the world’s products for solar panels.

Shares of Macau-based Suncity Group Holdings and its subsidiary Summit Ascend Holdings were suspended today, just days after the arrest of CEO Alvin Chao for cross-border gambling. Moreover, the government’s crackdown on gambling has made Macau, a Portuguese colony, unique in the world. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange did not provide further details. Reuters estimates that Chow’s listed and non – owned businesses account for a quarter of Macau’s gambling revenue. (All rights reserved)