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Milan, Saturday Artist at the Science Museum with Anders Lind

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On Saturday, April 9, the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan enriched its cultural offering by suggesting special activities with Anders Lind, author of Lines specially designed for the museum. The Swedish artist meets the audience to creatively explore the links between technology, art and science, through his interactive audio art installation, where 3D tubes are transformed into lines running along wall, floor and ceiling and harmonize with sensors and electronics to create new musical instruments.

the work

Swedish composer, Lind is Creative Director at Umeå University’s Department of Creative Studies. He writes music primarily for orchestras, choirs, ensembles, and soloists, often using electronic or interactive technology. His compositions are distinguished by an experimental approach that invites listeners to embark on an extraordinary musical journey. His work Lines combines digital technologies with leading technical languages ​​and was created in the context of Future Inventors, a dedicated STEM laboratory supported by the Rocca Foundation. With native content, tools, and languages ​​such as interactive projections, audio arts, video and pixel maps, and creative algorithms, Future Inventors aims to develop an innovative approach to engage and excite children aged 11 to STEM and enrich the teaching of these topics. In school, with new teaching tools for teachers that transcend the traditional distinction between science and art. On Saturday, April 9, Anders Lind will be in the lab to present his Lines installation and experiment with smartphone orchestral activity (11 a.m. and 2 p.m.), while on Sunday, April 10, Education will lead activities in the Museum of Future Inventors’ lab and museum staff.

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Other Weekend Activities

Among other scheduled activities, museum visitors will be able to experience a space experiment in the new Base Marte Laboratory, which recreates the Mars base as an innovative STEM experience scenario through an unprecedented live role-playing game. Designed specifically for kids ages 10-14, Base Marte is an immersive environment in which you put yourself in the shoes of an astronaut crew on a mission to the Red Planet to ensure the base’s survival. Proposals for i.lab Biotechnology continue, where plants, animals and microorganisms can be observed from a microscope to discover their properties and products of everyday life to be found, and those in the Tinkering District, where visitors from eight years old can be able to create DIY pinball machines. For more adults, the YOU & AI digital zone, a digital environment to improve dialogue and audience engagement on the topic of AI, will be opened.

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