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“I love living here, the fans never leave us alone”

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And in front of Sandrigo, the Argentine signed a brace that made him score more than 50 goals in the red and blue colors. A number destined to increase thanks to renewal for next season.

Prop was signed last saturday by Julian Tambourendeghi It was worth the three points and a boost to tenth in the standings, which keeps hopes alive of seeing a Teamservicecar champion in the upcoming qualifiers. The two goals scored in Catala lead to a total of 28 goals in the league, a figure that puts the Argentinean in third place in the list of top scorers, 5 behind “monsters” like Coco and Mendes, who are at the helm of a team of talents like Tresino. The total so far is 51 goals in two seasons in the Monza shirt. Not bad for someone who knows how to set up, loves to defend and is often decisive on the counter-attack:

“I’m very happy to score goals with this shirt, above all because it allows us to score key points. That’s the most important part, but I can’t do anything on my own if I don’t have really good teammates to put me in a position to score. We’ve given ​​This season is objectively better than last year and I’m sure if we continue this desire to win, defend and fight for every ball, we’ll get to the playoffs and be able to get some satisfaction. Our main goal is the post-season as champions.”

And for next season, Tamborindegui decided to wear the Teamservicecar jacket again:

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“This year and a half at Monza has been a very good time and I am happy with my choice. I love the club, the environment, the boys and the fans, who never leave us alone for a moment.”

Julian and his wife Sol often make short trips around Italy, showing great love not only for Brianza, but also for our country:

“I like living here and not just for hockey. Also, the city and the place where we live our daily lives are very beautiful. Yes, we are happy to stay in Monza again next year.”

On Saturday, Tamburedighi and his team mates are expected to face a complex challenge at the Viareggio circuit, in front of a team in apparent recovery:

“Another difficult race awaits us, we know that. They need points, but we want to continue this run-up to the playoffs and give continuity to our results, which were very positive in the second round. There are only 4 days left until the end of the regular season and we have no intention of giving up.” one millimeter.

Source: Hockey Roller Club Monza Facebook

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