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I hope to get a mission for the Artemis moon mission

I hope to get a mission for the Artemis moon mission

Thursday, August 18, 2022 – 20:35

Space, Parmitano: I hope to get a mission for the Artemis moon mission

“Ready to make my contribution also to missions without landing on the moon”

Isnilo (Palermo), August 18. (askanews) – “I would be lying if I said it was not my hope. Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano said, in response to the audience that in the garden of the International Astronomical Center Gal Hussein in Isnilo, a small village in the province of Palermo, asked him if he would do it. I love To be part of the Artemis mission that aims to return man to the Moon.

Parmitano, winner of the 2022 Gal-Hussein Prize, announced today that after the experience on the International Space Station where I “really spent 366 days” and “had the honor of being the captain”, it is now a “class project” that was scheduled to fly twice aboard the International Space Station with Andreas Mogensen’s journey that will end next year, and a new chapter will open which is the international collaboration on the Artemis project.”

“I’ll be upon Artemis launch ‘in about twenty days’ so the idea is to start evaluating the role in upcoming missions” and “If they give me a flying assignment on an Artemis mission that doesn’t include landing I’d be very happy to be able to make my very small contribution to a great project” Like bringing humanity back to the moon,” the ESA astronaut concluded.

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