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2022 theatrical season Theatro Spazio Renault in the Calderara

2022 theatrical season Theatro Spazio Renault in the Calderara

Starts on Sunday 23 January with silver noseOffer for families and children from 3 years old Compagnia G&GWinter theater season stage Renault space Calderara.

“Shall we go to the theater?” It proposes nine dates between January and March: a program full of shows and stimulating content, with high-quality shows, and a special note to review that has always been aimed at children, teens and families, not forgetting adults and children. dialect lovers theatre. Classic fairy tales in this program find a consistent space, starting from the first date: they are proposed performances in a new theatrical language with modern reinterpretations of the text, which relate to contemporary themes while preserving the magical and ancient dimension of a fairy tale.

Spazio Renault, Theater of Emotions is ready to welcome its loyal audience again, so it proposes 8 dates from January 23 to March 27, as well as a special and free one on the occasion of Ecofesta 2022, an initiative linked to environmental and sustainability issues it hopes to be able to resume work after two years of interruption due to the state of health emergency. All performances will be held safely and will be managed in accordance with the current health regulations related to Covid-19 emergencies. So we start on Sunday January 23rd with Silver Nose, suggested by G&G. It is a little-known fairy tale about Piedmont traditions, and Italo Calvino included it in his collection of Italian tales. All appointments are organized by Culturara, the cultural system of Calderara di Reno.

Below is the full calendar of shows, then a summary of the first date.

  1. Sunday January 23 – raw 17:00 – silver nose – Compagnia G&G
    Show for families and children from 3 years old – Actor and Character Theatre
  2. Sunday February 6 – 4:30 pm – Bologna between the 19th and 20th centuries in dialect songs – by Carlo Mossi and other authors
  3. Saturday 12 February – Raw 21:00 – Jack and the Beanstalk (A story between earth and sky) – Moon company in bed
    A show for families and children from 3 years old – fairy tales and puppet theater
  4. Sunday 20 February – raw 17:00 – today. Four Hands Escape for Grandma and Baby-Arion de Falco Company
    Show for grandparents, families and children from 5 years old – actor theater
  5. Friday 25 February – Raw 21:00 – Mattia found him – Transadriatica Factory Company
    A show for children from 8 years old and for adults – Storytelling Theatre
  6. Saturday 5 March – Raw 21:00 – little Red Riding Hood – Moon company in bed
    Show for families and children from 6 years old – actor theater and dance theatre
  7. Friday March 18 – 9.00 pm Bluebird and Rosanna – Mattioli company
    Show for children from 9 years old and adults – actor and storytelling theater
  8. Sunday 27 March orH 16:30 Beilin and Naval Gloria Bezzoli Co
    Dialectical comedy in two acts
  9. Saturday 2 April at 21:00 wild boy tarzan – Bari and INTI . theaters
    Show for children from 8 years old and adults / free

Sunday January 23 – raw 17:00 – silver nose – Compagnia G&G

Offer for families and children from 3 years old

With Consuelo Gritti / Elena Gavouri and Francesca Gricenti

Scenes of Donatello Galloni and Ilaria Commisso

Donatello Galoni lights

Produced by Academia Perduta/Romania Theaters, Solaris Art Foundation

Actor and theater figure

The heroes are three daughters of a widow and a poor woman washer. The story is seen through the eyes of Lucia, the youngest of the sisters, who like the others falls into a deception Silver Demon Nose But he who, unlike them, succeeds in revealing his lies, and telling him what he would like to believe. A strange and outdated story, where lies cause all events, and where only Lucia learns where the important things go, the things she needs to grow. The two actresses move in the large and sophisticated structure created by Mr. Donatello Galloni, which lends itself to representing both the House of Girls and the Infernal House of Silver Nose with a Door to Hell.

Children and over 65 € 5.00
Adults 8.00 EUR
Discounts € 7.00 for Coop Alleanza 3.0 members, smaller card, DOC card

Info and reservations
Spazio Reno Theatre
phone. 051.722700
[email protected]

It is also possible to book at:

Italo Calvino House of Culture
phone. 342.8857347
[email protected]

Press and Communications Office
Municipality of Calderara de Reno


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