September 28, 2023

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In Geografie, astronaut Nespoli talks about his book about space

In Geografie, astronaut Nespoli talks about his book about space

The Monfalcone Geografie Festival opens the weekend with a day full of proposals and great protagonists today, Saturday 25 March: among the cartel meetings in Kermes, promoted by the municipality of Monfalcone and sponsored by the Foundation, in the morning it is sure to stand in the morning at 11 o’clock in the square Repubblica – Spazio Nord, an article by Daniel Capezon “Time bomb. The hot autumn of Italian politics ”(Piemme), is presented in dialogue with the director of the Ansa office in Trieste Francesco De Filippo.

And in the afternoon, the bill, directed by the writer Gian Mario Vilalta with the journalist Roberto Covazz and the Scientific Committee of the Festival, proposes a series of key meetings: at three o’clock in the Piazza della Repubblica – presents the critic Giulio Ferroni; L’Italia di Dante. Journey to the Land of Comedy (Theseus’ Ship).

At 16.30 Piazza della Repubblica Spazio Nord you will pass the baton to the philosopher Marcello Veneziani who, in a dialogue with pordenonelegge writer and curator Alberto Garlini, presents “Discontenti. Because we do not like the world in which we live ”(Marcelio).

At 17.30 in the Piazza Republic – Spazio Sud, Alessandro Mezzina Luna presents “The Dark Heart of Miracles” (Ronzani), dedicated to the story of Valentina, granddaughter of the writer Dino Buzzati.

At the age of 18, in the Piazza Republic – Spazio Nord highlights the great protagonist, the astronaut Paolo Nespoli, who signs “The only suitable day to surrender” (Mondadori). Speaking with journalist Sara Del Sal, in a conversation punctuated by readings by actress Ottavia Fusco Squitieri.

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Nespoli, starting with his extraordinary experience in space in which he observed life on Earth from an unprecedented perspective, will navigate his first novel, a typical story that speaks of sacrifices and courage: in Aspera ad astra, to reach touching the stars you have to give everything, go ahead and challenge your limits.

The grand finale of the day at 9 pm, at the Teatro Comunale, with the scenic conversation of Alessandro Vanoli, “History of the Sea”, which deals with the themes of the book signed Laterza: from geology to coastmen, discoveries, ships, wars, myths and dreams.

But also and above all fish, depths and other sea creatures. In short, a story that brings everything together, people and animals. A story made up of faces, pictures, sounds and colours. It is the Book of the Great Sea: it begins in the infinite past, passes through history and comes to tell us that we are part of its life.