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“I, coming out, gays, football and Cagliari,” Yankto admits on ESPN. the video

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People want me to be the leader of a certain community. I always say: Look, I respect everyone, the whole community, all the people. But I just want to focus on myself, my team, Cagliari, and maybe even the national team. I can’t decide for others. If they want to talk, well, let’s talk. I just wanted to give a message to everyone. I think it went very well. It ended there. I just wanted to give a message And yes, now let’s move on.” said a Cagliari football player, Jacob Jankto reappears He announced his homosexuality through an interview he conducted with ESPN in English.

“I don’t really know when I decided to do it,” the midfielder explained when he made his decision. My family supported me Anyway there was no problem at all. My teammates were great, it was completely normal and nothing changed. These stories persist because they are rareEspecially in the male world, we are still in a primitive world. Football was, and I think football is, a bit homophobic and I can’t change that. There are different mentalities everywhere, if people feel good whether they are gay or straight, they shouldn’t come out, like I did. I received millions of messages, it was unbelievable, I have had support from Real Madrid, Arsenal and Barcelona. “I didn’t expect that, but it was great and helpful.”

Yankto then also spoke about his relationship with his Cagliari teammates and the discussions in the locker room: “There is a difference between the locker room and the training pitch. It also depends on the people: 18, 19, 20 years old Maybe we can’t talk politics. When you’re young, there’s a little fear, a lot of respect. Now I’m more relaxed, and I have more experience. I have more responsibility. But I don’t feel like a captain. Leonardo Pavoletti, Viola, Gianluca Lapadola: these are the leaders. An hour before the match, we are here thinking about what could happen.”

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