April 23, 2024

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Hanka Hurka, the no-vax singer, is voluntarily infected for not getting vaccinated and dies. Son: “Kill him with crazy ideas”

was not afraid of Corona virus disease. Yes really Intentionally becoming infected by staying in contact with existing family members, So you can return to a “normal” life once you recover without the need for a vaccination. But things did not go as he had hoped. hanka horkaA famous folk singer from the Czech Republic died on Sunday, January 16, at the age of 57. This is also confirmed by a note posted on the website of his band “Assonance” in which we read next to his photo, “We don’t like to believe some news, but we should.”

Just two days ago, January 13 singer Share a post on Facebook He claimed to have Covid and now beat the disease, beaming by returning to the theater, sauna and social life and inviting others to do the same.

According to the story of his son Jan Ric, who is also a musician and member of the music group Jelen, the woman would have chosen to stay home even though her husband and son tested positive. For them, the vaccinated, the disease lasted three days, for her it was longer, five days. It led to her death.

Son’s Pain vs Novax “You killed my mother.”

Son January Extended interview with the Czech newspaper iROZHLAS.cz castigate number wax and fake news publishers, They are accused of influencing Hanka’s ideas. “You killed my mom. You won’t be able to come to my graduation, my wedding, or my son’s baptism,” he said, explaining how he and his father tried to get Hannah’s vaccinations and failed. “It’s an illustrative example of circles around Jaroslav Dusik, Lukas Polert, and Suna Bykova,” the boy adds bitterly.

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Popular star in the Czech Republic with the band Assonance

Since 1985, Hanka Horka has been a part of Assonance, a popular Celtic and folk music group in the Czech Republic, founded in 1975 and still active.