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“I am happy to have more space than last year”

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Weekend to rest MEP Pellegrini Alpo Basket 99 Who had to postpone the match scheduled for Saturday the 13th with Podolevi New Treviso Basketball Because of the Slovak national team Muravcikova. The athlete who plays against Italy tonight Lino Lardo The match is valid for Women’s Eurobasket 2023 Qualifiers.

To keep the quality of your workouts high, theAlbo basket Play a friendly match with Rovigo, Training that plays in the regional second division.

at the end of the match Annalisa Vittari Comments on Team Moment, newly from three consecutive successes: “In the beginning, we also suffered a bit because the calendar didn’t give us a hand: the first two defeats happened against strong opponents that we helped, however, because we couldn’t play together and we lacked something we needed to win matches. After such a complicated start we got the win with Ponzano which gave us confidence and started Things are getting a little better.”

In this sense, the great victory at home Sangha Milan: “Yes, we achieved an important victory on the field of an excellent team: on top of that we were also under the number, given the absence of Franco and Suglia. It was also a testament to the desire to win and the unity of the group: this should be a start. Now there is a break we will try to get as many pieces as possible so that we are ready for the match on Saturday 20 Bolzano“.

Finally, Vittari analyzes her season and the increase in playing time compared to last year: “I am very happy to get more space than last year, and I will try to earn the trust he has Fitness Trainer Make my contribution to the team. We are a new squad, it was difficult to get together at the beginning but I am sure we can do well, as long as we are always a team.”

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