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Humble Choice April 2023: Three matches included as revealed by well-known leaker Billbil-kun

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Well-known leaker Billbil-kun revealed via Twitter some of the games that should be included in the gameHumble Choice April 2023: Let’s talk about Death Stranding Director Cut, Aliens Fireteam Elite, and Rollerdrome. The next Humble Choice option will be available from April 4 to May 2, 2023.

As always, remember that this is just a leak, not official information, however Belbel Con He has been sharing this kind of information for a long time and has always been punctual. So we can assume that even in this case he was not wrong and that these games are included in the Humble Choice of April 2023.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is the expanded version of the game from Kojima Productions. In addition to the base game, it includes some additional content, such as additional missions, more story content, shooting range, racing courses, and an additional area full of dangers.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a survival horror shooter in which a team of soldiers must fight against hordes of Xenomorphs. It is a cooperative game where you can customize your devices, level up and choose between different classes.

Rollerdrome is a single-player third-person shooter action game, combining shooting and exciting gameplay. With your skates on your feet, you must perform several tricks in the arenas and eliminate a series of opponents.

Tell us, what do you think? Who is this (possible) April 2023 Humble Games Pick?

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