November 29, 2023

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Nintendo is online, Reggie Fils-Aime reveals why the company is falling behind –

Nintendo is online, Reggie Fils-Aime reveals why the company is falling behind –

nintendo And Online Concepts have always been in Antipodes and even today the company finds itself having to catch up with its competitors. Well, the former head of the American department, Reggie Phils imrevealed Because from this case.

First, Nintendo’s philosophy has always been do things differentlyto innovate in ways that can take advantage of the company’s strengths rather than those of its competitors,” Reggie explained a few days after his speech at the Game Boy Micro.

So, for example, regarding multiplayer Nintendo excelled at what we internally call “couch playing”: sitting next to someone playing Mario Kart or different experiences like Wii Sports together. This kind of local multiplayer was something the company was very strong about and paid a lot of attention to.”

“In order to implement an online multiplayer game, the company needed to think about a A new kind of game Or the experience that will be created so that you will be able to stand out even in this type of entertainment. And it must be admitted that it took some time before they imagined something that they thought was different from the norm.”

“I would say that Nintendo’s success in this regard began when they acquired a flagship franchise like Smash Bros. And they brought it online, with great results. From there he then made it halfway between a first-person and third-person shooter with a series called Splatoonwhich has also done well in the market.”

“The point here is that Nintendo is always thinking about how to enter new market segments into it In a strange and different way, and take advantage of their strength. However, there is also the question of cultural differences, because from this point of view, the company did not see significant opportunities related to the Internet.”

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“The American and European departments have tried to make the Japanese office understand the importance of this area and the necessity of investing in online infrastructure so that the experience is positive. In this regard, it is undoubtedly among the three competitors Microsoft It is the company that has invested the most, turning online into its competitive advantage.”