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How to legally open a bank account or postal checking account with third parties and tips to avoid forced execution

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Those who have money deposited in the bank, in a checking account, in most cases can sleep peacefully. Since the funds are not only safe, they are available at any time even for large withdrawals.

However, in a bank account, as well as in a postal account, money is safe to a certain extent. Given that those with unpaid debt risk the nightmare of a third-party foreclosure.

In this case, in fact, the current account is closed. Since the creditor has obtained the right to initiate forced execution. That is, obligating the debtor to pay specifically through the liquidity that he has in his current account. An account that cannot be transferred if it is banned.

So, for example, in a blocked bank or postal checking account, it is not possible to make withdrawals or even make payments via bank transfers via the Internet or in branch offices. So let’s see how to get out of appending the current account to third parties. Let’s see, then, also what are the ways to avoid account ban. Given that this situation is not only an unpleasant situation, but also one that generates even insurmountable difficulties at the economic level.

How to legally open a bank account or postal checking account with third parties and tips to avoid forced execution

In detail, the advice to avoid enforced execution is always to reach an agreement with creditors outside of court proceedings. Because in most cases, the creditor, who finds an agreement with the debtor, also prefers to focus on an out-of-court solution to the matter. Without waiting for the often long justice times.

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Having said that, on how to legally open a bank account or a postal current account that is prohibited, it must also be specified that in this case there is nothing that can be done. That is, the current account will be opened only when the debtor settles the accounts with the creditor.

How does a third party foreclosure work?

According to the law, the account holder can unblock his blocked postal checking account or bank account only by depositing the amount due to the creditor in the account register. Judge Who executed the foreclosure.

But it does not end there for the debtor who, in order to open his forbidden checking account, will have to pay interest and expenses as well. For this reason, in general, the current account holder has DebtsTo avoid assaulting the creditors, he must always find an agreed, amicable and non-judicial solution with them.

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