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How to furnish the perfect bedroom

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to Sleep well You have to Furnish the bedroom appropriately, to allow optimum rest and energy for the next day. Nothing should be left to chance and spaces should be designed in a way that favors relaxation in the evening and at night. To do this we can follow what they tell us Feng Shui and Science.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese philosophy that tells us that we should put everything in the house in the best way to receive only positive energies. Indeed, if we put them in the wrong place, the danger is to fall in the opposite direction, attracting only negative energies into our life. Home is our sanctuary, where you can find peace and balance. For this reason, Feng Shui offers helpful suggestions on how to arrange any environment, keeping it clean and tidy, with a strict symmetrical design minimal.

Also for what matters Bedrooms, not only ancient oriental philosophy, but science also believes that it is necessary to place furniture accessories well, such as a bed, but also mirrors. Not forgetting the colors used in the rooms intended for rest, the amount of things placed around them, order and much more.

Interview with Emma – The Sleep Company, one of Europe’s fastest growing companies in the production of sleep systems, Dr. Verena Sen, Neurobiologist and Head of Sleep Research, gives us a brochure with interesting ideas where feng shui and science meet. Everyone is guaranteed complete rest, while attracting only positive energies that are useful to improve our daily lives.

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10 tips for decorating the bedroom

Although science and feng shui may seem far off at first, in fact they both agree on the true potential for finding the right balance in your bedroom, and the serenity that allows people to revitalize their best version of themselves. In particular, when the room is clean, without electronic devices that emit blue light and are used for the sole purpose of sleeping, it is possible to feel calm and relaxed, experience a restful sleep and wake up with more energy. Finally, having a tidy bedroom helps in maintaining mental balance; Getting rid of things you don’t need can be a good metaphor and valid input for letting go of memories and stories that no longer make you feel good and calm.

These are the doctor’s words. What do you do next?

If you find it difficult to fall asleep between 3 and 5 am
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  1. Where do you put the bed? Never place it too close to a window, so you sleep away from any outside noise and avoid drafts if you sleep with the window open.
  2. The bedside table should always be there to accommodate the lamp, a glass of water and useful little things.
  3. The room should be able to rely on several indoor lighting points to create a diffuse and pleasant atmosphere.
  4. Choose only high-quality blinds that retain outside light.
  5. No device in the bedroom: There is no need for a TV, tablet, and smartphone.
  6. No to mirrors, because those with more sleep disturbances are also those who look in the mirror first thing in the morning to go for wrinkles and signs of a lack of rest.
  7. Kitchens and quilts should not be missed to make the environment welcoming, soft and warm.
  8. Yes to the cheerful pictures, paintings and posters that get us in a good mood in the morning as soon as we wake up.
  9. A work desk in the bedroom is prohibited.
  10. As for the outside sunlight, it’s a good idea to have windows on one side of the bed to take advantage of the morning sun without disturbing it.
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Enjoy a nice rest!

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