Home Economy How to access the discount and when it is due

How to access the discount and when it is due

How to access the discount and when it is due

Windows 2022 Bonus gives you access to a variable tax deduction calculated on expenses incurred to replace windows and fixtures in your home. Let’s see in the following article the details of the active procedure until December 31 next.


The Windows Bonus 2022 It’s a feature valid until the end of the year that allows you to take advantage of it financial understatement On expenses incurred for replacement Windows and Fittings from your home.

Let’s see in detail how the measurement works and what they are Discount rates that can be accessed.

Windows and Additional Fittings 2022: Discount

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The Windows Bonus 2022 Consists of Tax deduction for interventions to replace windows and fixtures.

there discount percentage Which you can take advantage of depends on the house bonus that the replacement fixtures are associated with:

  • with the Renewal Bonus There is a tax deduction 50% On the total expenses incurred, max 96000 EUR. The discount is paid in installments in ten annual installments of the same amount;
  • with the ‘ecobonus There is a discount from 50% Of the total expenses, max 60 thousand euros (Alternatively, a discount can be applied to the invoice, or a tax credit transfer);
  • with the SuperbonosOn the other hand, the tax deduction is equal to 110% on expenses incurred, to be utilized in Five annual installments of the same amount.

2022 Matches Bonus: When is it due?

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The discount is only for the following Expense types:

  • Insulate or replace boxes according to the transmittance limit values ​​provided for windows including frames;
  • Supply and installation of a new window including frame or entrance door to replace the existing window;
  • additives and replacement of glass components;
  • supply and installation of shutters, blinds, roller blinds and related ancillary elements, and their replacement in conjunction with fixtures (or only glass) subject to intervention;
  • Professional services, for example production of necessary technical documentation, including energy performance or business management certification.


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