Home Economy Amazing, thanks to a new algorithm it is possible to catch a “cunning”

Amazing, thanks to a new algorithm it is possible to catch a “cunning”

Amazing, thanks to a new algorithm it is possible to catch a “cunning”

The Revenue Agency and the Guardia di Finanza have developed a new method to combat tax evasion.

Do scammers really run out of time? Technology can also help frame tax evaders.

Tax evasion
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The Economy Minister Daniel Francoa new decree that tax authorities can access thanks to More tools in the fight against tax evasion. The final text of the ruling will be published in the Official Gazette in a few days and will allow tax exemption related to the interoperability of databases.

Thanks to this novelty, it will be possible to place some Lists of citizens at risk of evasionTo urge them to respect their duties and, in the most serious cases, subject them to financial oversight by the authorities.

Tax Evasion: How does the new algorithm work?

Thanks to the government’s recent gambit, the revenue agency can count on another valid tool to defeat tax evasion. that it algorithm Who can take advantage of the opportunity to make anonymous information available to tax authorities in their databases. Specifically, the algorithm affects Superanagrafe from current accountsbecause it is able to automatically detect possible anomalies.

This system is based on the data provided in Financial declaration Related to real estate assets, furniture, company shares, current accounts, payments and compensation. All documents that make it possible to find those who do not pay are also used; This information is also useful if tax evasion risks are found after these investigations.

A very important process is the one that prevents direct identification of the parties involved, because it allows it Maintaining the confidentiality of the identity of citizens Who, on the other hand, pays taxes.

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What do you envision new operations to combat tax evasion?

For the success of the investigative activity to combat tax evasion, Dr Collaboration between algorithm and ‘human’ activity, by officials of the Revenue Agency and Guardia di Finanza. The latter, in fact, has the task of understanding whether the topic identified by the computer should be brought under investigation.

It is clear that respecting everyone’s privacy is essential; For this reason, only authorized employees have access to taxpayer personal data and their activity is always tracked.

In addition, to ensure the success of the anti-evasion operation, the Guardia di Finanza will have to do everything Information related to current accounts.

The decree states that anonymous data must be kept in the database until the second year following the year in which “Matures confiscation of tax authorityIn addition to the termination of any disputes that have arisen.

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Extension of the powers of the Revenue Agency

Interested citizens can Access to their dataat three different times:

  1. From the date of receipt of the letter of compliance;
  2. From the delivery of the results report, or from the notification of the initial bond, or in the case of financial control, from the tax act;
  3. From the first day following the day of forfeiture of discretionary power to taxpayers who do not notify the tax authorities or control instruments.

In addition to these hypotheses, citizens can always order Correcting incorrect personal data.

next Convert Decree Pnrr 2 to Lawregarding “More Urgent Actions to Implement the National Recovery and Resilience Plan“,” The news was also shown on broadcast credit card information to the revenue agency.

L ‘Article 18 of the lawIn fact, it states that “Intermediaries that provide electronic payment systems to merchants are required to send to the Revenue Agency, in addition to the fees charged and data for identifying payment instruments, as well as the total amounts of daily transactions made using these instruments“.

Through this provision, the Revenue Agency will be able to Comparing digital card payment data with electronic receipt data issued by merchants. In this way, it will be possible to verify the correspondence between the receipts issued and the payments received.


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