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How much does Netflix stop sharing passwords?

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Netflix He lost More than a million users in Spain In the first quarter of 2023. A number, that is Taken by market research group Gandhar And Reported by BloombergA crackdown on password-sharing in the Iberian country since last February demonstrates just how much potential Los Gatos has for the streaming company. A true boomerang effect.

The A monthly surcharge of 3.99 euros The imposition on Spanish users to access the contents of the platform from the same profile in different geographical locations would indeed have had a significant impact on the decline of the platform’s customers: About two-thirds Millions of passwords are actually made by people accessing them using someone else’s password.

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This is the reality itself – Dominic Sannebo, director of global consumer research at Gander says – This sharp drop is associated with suppression“Sharing passwords. And that’s going to be a problem, according to him, especially from a visual standpoint Word of mouth and the effect of Netflix content on user recommendation.

If the data on the cancellation of subscriptions coming in the first quarter of 2023 is not enough, it will triple compared to last 2022, and among the remaining Spanish users will be a tenth of those interviewed during the Gandar survey. It has already expressed its willingness to abandon the site between April and June.

In the news notification – Let Netflix know – caused by reaction Cancellation in every marketThis affects membership growth Short term. But when customers start adding more accounts to their own accounts, they will be activated. We’re seeing acquisitions and revenue increase”.

In CanadaFor example – They add – We, our paying subscribers, can reliably anticipate what will happen in America, the country we trust It is now wider than before And revenue growth accelerated”. Worldwide, according to Netflix, they are More than 100 million People using accounts of friends or relatives to access the site without paying.

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