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How I became a metaphysicist –

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Freedom lies in not arriving on time. Perhaps this is the reason why the not enthusiastic members of the notables section of the Instituto Vetlanins Batavian arrive at their quirks and quirks. Before, after, and never arrived.

The emotional lunch that the writer has been invited to as a special celebration: will it be me too sooner or later? Set at 13 o’clock, with a hardness of, let’s say, very gaseous, at 02.22.2022, given a symmetrical and ambiguous, metaphysical ideal. “While Vladimir Putin was planning an attack on Ukraine, I was thrilled!?”. Irony, absurdity, irony – remember – are not positions and concepts of disengagement, but the best way to defuse tragedies. Alfred Gary knows. But also Charlie Chaplin. and even Page, who was a great lover and indivisible minister, of the gold ethic of the higher sciences of imaginative solutions. Bye, Enrico.

“Hello, hello, how are you?!” “And you?”. “Nice to see you again.” “Where have you been now?” “please enter!”. “Are you there too?!” “number”.

An encounter in Trattoria Milanese is very central, which is not an adjective, but a noun in Via Santa Marta, between Piazza Avary, the most supernatural in Italy, and Stefano Salles’ barbershop. Beard Man Decos, et Barba Pecos. Meaning: “The beard is the dignity of man, and whoever is without a beard is a sheep.” But also: “Philosophum non facit barba.”

Science, rather than philosophy, method rather than fashion, the exception rather than the rule, etiquette is essentially an art. Desire, utopia, irony, nonsense. By proving that you have a lot of them. It is frequented by thinkers, painters, writers, musicians, poets and the unemployed. After all, “intellectual” is a word that exists only as an adjective. I imagine the amount of ergo.

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Here they arrive one by one, sitting around the long paternal table held by Afro Somenzari, a rheumatologist at the Vitellianense Pataphysical Institute, which he founded in 1994 with Enrico Baj and Ugo Nespolo, and incidentally also the patron of FUOCOfuochino, the world’s poorest publishing house. De minimis curat pataphysics. Today there is Alberto Casiraghi, editor, aphorism writer (“Lottier. I care a lot…”) and a big Planetable employee. Gino Rossi, the distinguished Italian, exquisite gourmet and admiral chiosator. Paolo Albani, writer, visual poet and Magnifico Consul. Roberto Barbolini, novelist, journalist and vertical observer. Hans Töse, crime writer, essayist, researcher, and omnibus consultant. Edgardo Franzosini, writer, translator and autobiographical ambassador. Stefano Salles, lover of books, food rhetoricians, and allegorical conservative. Duccio Scheggi, poet, performer and chief archivist. And at the head of the table, Ugo Nespolo, Pharaoh: Eighty Years, 745 Solo and Group Exhibition, History of Italian Pataphysics Left Hand and Right Handed Steering Crew, Spiral Flies Bat, Red With Symbolic Spiral Swirl Designed By Mastering Himself On A Flexible Board: Power – Because Batphysics Is Not Chaos – Memories of the Turin Institute of Pathophysiology and the ciapamusche! A good rule of thumb for parents: “The less, the better.”

“The body is way more important because it supports the clothes, and with the clothes, the pockets.” Miz and guest badges: flaunt round pins with the words “I love Sate,” incantations against overwhelming stupidity, and Lavallière ties and clutches. everything pochade. “There is no need to anticipate complicated things to find a metaphysics.”

They are missing, but it is as if there were: Guido Conte, an elliptical ruler; Alessandro Bergonzoni, Oral Prosecutor; Paolo Friso, Minister Protoceleste; Franco Brambilla, Minister of the Atlantic; Vittorio Orsenigo, an asymmetric prince … The essence of fathers is absence.

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The noise of forks and slates and chatter. Let’s Begin. A tribute to the impossible notables of the pharaoh, Latin is clearly the official language of batphysics, a science that extends as far beyond metaphysics as beyond physics. “Everything is pataphysical, but few people put it into practice consciously.” The most learned speech of Luligent on Father’s Day today was: “The unprepared notables, having risen Sarzi, left Casiraghi, like the Brambilla family, they went to Milan. It is Albany, and the gray sky, Friso, and the long journey … ». Then a witty reading by the figurative ruler For the poem Tuberie, Future Year Two 1932, by Vittorio Osvaldo Tomasini, aka Farva.Also applause from unsuspecting Patafisica patrons.

The ritual image, in sepia, appears to have come out of a 1920s album, the still-hot corpse of Alfred Jarry (1873-1907), the ancestor of every artistic avant-garde and patriarchal idea, the provocative school of thought and the coexistence of Granguignolesco spirit and refined ideas. He said, “I’m dying, please bring me a toothpick.”

Today’s menu: New wines, risotto and osso buco risottos, fresh veal brains, pork chops, hot eggnog (“Great!”), crepes of humor, surrealism, farce, parody and cornucopia.

Science was invented because Father Yobo knows – if you generally feel the need, the metaphysics explains the universe as complementary to us. Inserted into a complex web of cultural references, it actually reveals the only possible way to perceive reality. Discussion topics during lunch: Boris Vian’s detective novels, How many nicknames do Hans Tozey, what time the Ugo Nespolo train leaves for Turin, at that time – 1998, the first great pataphysical Christmas in Pomponescu – asked the Ritteri Page operator: He said: What is Apatphysics ? What will be the office of the undersigned, when (and if) it will be invested with a special ceremony and the imposition of a scoop; some terrible photograph covers recently seen, many bad covers of Feltrinelli, some ugly covers of books by Juan Rodolfo Wilcock (Covid is not mentioned in the express ban by the Regent, but there is a mention of Konad, a rival supermarket); If it was necessary to open the Vetlian Pataphysical Institute for Women too (a divisive subject and immediately abandoned, however Gary was always against patafemmine), and how to create a set of erotic nineteenth-century Nutcrackers, from the fact that the physical verses vaporize wine, slips and errors typographical (“Unfortunately, it is repeated more and more even in the books of major publishers.” Less metaphysical, and the project – it was immediately abandoned to write a novel with multiple hands, a separation for each person is impossible.

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Surreal automation, the interconnectedness of the elements, strange Aplanetic laws, the unmissable Ubu et la grande Gidouille and the terrible punishment, should the writer not pass the special observed test, to read the name of the rose for Umberto Eco ten times out loud. not hope.

As for pataphysics, I’ve never seen it before. But I remembered it differently.

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