June 4, 2023

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Hockey, A1M First Division: Cus Pisa beats Bondeno Stadium for 3-2 – Sports

Pisa, November 9, 2021 – Important away win for Cos Pisa hockey with training Nicolas Giorgi cOutperform Bondeno 2-3 in Group B of Serie A1 And back to safety.

the match – The first quarter of the match, valid for the fifth day, sees the owners of the land advancing. before Guiggi Paragraph Conclusion Briefly, then nothing can be done about a similar action marked with musioli. In the second quadrant, Cus Pisa places the accelerator and with two other short corners it finds equilibrium first and then the advantage with Weather in Malucci NS zoppy. This is followed by a preliminary phase in which the Pisans are above all else to fend for themselves, in the third quarter, but in the opening of the last quarter, Giallobl moved to 1-3 thanks to the gallon. One minute from the end, Bondino finds 2-3 with Cardenas deceive himself. Controversy ensued in the final because referee Guadagnino blows the whistle at the end of the match during a match, while the match in hockey is expected to end first.

Other races
These are the fourth races of the day in A1. For group A: Butterfly-HC Bra 3-3 (Grossi, Cavallini, Komarov – BUT; Koshelenko 2, Chiesa – Bra) CUS Padova-CUS Cagliari 2-1 (Sacco, Maistrello – PAD; Gasdelkarim – CAG) HT Bologna- Pol . Juvenilia 3-3 (Barrera 2, Puglisi – BOL; Garau, Meloni, Mura – JUV) for group B: Città del Tricolore-Pol. Valchisone 0-0 Amsicora-Pol. Ferrini 4-4 (Attia 3, Camba – AMS; Ojeda 2, Ponce, Coria – FER) HC Bondeno-CUS Pisa 2-3 (Muzzioli, Cardenas – BON; Malucchi M., Zoppi S., Gallone R. – PIS) UHC Adige-Lazio HP 1-2 (Sartori – ADI; Crema, Brocco – LAZ)

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Categories – This is the situation in the ranking. In Group A: Bonomi and Tevere Euro 9, Butterfly Roma 8, Bra, Bologna 7, Padua 6, Juvenilia 5, Cus Cagliari 3, Sardinia 0. Group B: Città del Tricolore 10, Ferrini 10, Amsicora 8, Lazio 7, Bondeno 6, Falchison 6, Cus Pisa 4, Rome 1, Adeje 0

BONDENO-CUS Pisa 2-3 degrees

Bondino: Calzolari S, Nizzi, Calzolari A, Bergamini Ale, Bergamini Andrea, Muzzioli, Costanzelli, Awuah, Tartari, Bosi, Bedani, Pastore, Ferrante, Cardenas, Martinez, Ledesma, Merighi, Marcellini. everybody. Peritoneal
CUSA PISA: Amato, Biancaniello, Cavallini, A. Colella, M. Colella, Conti, P. Gallone, R. Gallone, Gazzola, Guiggi, V. Malucchi, M. Malucchi, Moggi, Khairy, S. Zoppi, M. Zoppi. everybody. Georgia
Networks: Mozioli, Cardenas-Bone; Malucchi M., Zoppi S., Gallone R. – PIS

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