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Hockey, the “smells good” victory of Mastini Varese

Hockey, the “smells good” victory of Mastini Varese

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Malfati and Mastini win at Dobbiaco Play a great game. In the first challenge of the new year, the Galloneri scored an important victory in extra time that strengthens the standings but above all gives awareness and vitality. 2 to 1 smells good to Varese Which restores some players, including Payra in defense, to present himself in Dobbiaco with a full roster, thus responding to the Icebears’ four lines.

the beginning It’s balanced but a noteworthy first chance is for Vanity, whose Burzaca miraculously saved his conclusion in a plastic dive. Muraro also responds well from the other side but can’t do anything in deducing B.Obermair veering off De Biasio’s shoulder in a decisive manner. Dobbiaco beats the contrast on the guardrail, the ball reaches the South Tyrolean player who heads towards Varese’s cage, the ball hits the yellow and black defender and ends up in the goal. The Galloneri feel a bit hit and struggle to respond to the hosts’ attacks, at least in the following moments. Then the mastiff grinds the match and the opportunity is created with some conclusions, while at the siren it is still the South Tyrol goalkeeper who outsmarts himself with a M. Mazzacane shot.

complex start in the other half As for Varese’s team, who have been forced to struggle with Icebears pressure in search of the double, but Malfatti’s team knows how to agonize and are pressed as much as possible to reduce the stakes. Muraro is good, but so is his fellow M. Borghi. The game runs correctly and just think that the first powerplay arrives after half an hour and the guests benefit, but without the hoped-for success.

The hosts continue to attack, but the yellow and black backlines hold up. On a reversal in front of Mastini is brought back to a tie: De Biasio starts, M. Mazzacane advances and Payra concludes with a winning method.

in a Third nonsense Galloneri enter the track loaded and ready to sell their skin dearly, motivated by coach Malfatti with the right words. Varese is marked for the first few minutes: Tilaro has a particularly hot stick but can’t find his way to the net. Bertin and Berosso try, but Burzaca controls the conclusions. Stunning display of the South Tyrol goalkeeper at the incursion of Em Borghi, who made him sit but failed to overcome thanks to the goalkeeper’s left reaction. Morale is heated and at its expense there is always one player from each side sitting in the penalty area.

The mastiff plays a great role for the third time, but attempts to perceive are dashed on the opposing goalkeeper. Dobbiaco seems to owe oxygen a bit but in the end manages to drag Gialloneri into overtime (just like in the first match).

in a additional Varese players contain in the first moments, then P. Malfatti collects two important points, not only for the rating. A big credit to the players who have made themselves available these days and who gave everything on the ice to come back from Dobbiaco with smiles on their faces.

Icebears Dobbiaco – Mastini Varese 1 2 (1: 0 0:1 0:0 extra time 0:1)

8’04” (IB) B. Obermair (Profunser, Crepaz), 37’45” (MV) Payra (M. Mazzacane, De Biasio), 62’07” (MV) Schina (P. Borghi) OT

Espers Dobbiaco: 30 Burzacca (1 Oberkanins), 27 Rein, 28 Elliscasis, 66 Soravia, 97 Profunser, 31 Lanzinger, 19 Egarter, 98 Rizzo, 79 A. De Lorenzo Meo, 47 L. De Lorenzo Meo, 51 Schweizer, 15 A. Obermair, 20 Purdeller, 83 Mazzarini, 17 B. Obermair, 45 Taiarezze, 91 Crepaz, 68 Alverà, 13 Volgger, 88 Zandegiacomo, 3 Plankensteine. Coach: Guido Carl Lamberte Charles

Mastini Varese: 30 Muraro (90 Mordenti), 3 Schina, 9 A. Bertin, 22 E. Mazzacane, 79 Payra, 11 Papalillo, 44 ​​De Biasio, 8 Fornasetti, 53 F. Salvai, 34 T. Salvai, 15 Caletti, 16 Vanetti, 23 M. Borghi, 27 M. Mazzacane, 29 Cordin, 31 Allevato, 55 Piroso, 74 Tilaro. Coach: Matteo Malfati


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