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Hockey – Symbol Amatori Modena 1945, Interview with Captain Andrea Beato: “It was important to start well. Being the captain is a source of pride”

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Symbol Amatori Modena 1945 interview with Captain Andrea Beato: “It was important to get off to a good start. Being the captain is a source of pride.”

Symbol Amatori Modena 1945 started off on the right foot by winning the first season in the Coppa Italia. Here are the first impressions of new captain Andrea Beato.

Did you start the new season on the right foot, how would you comment on the team’s performance at Seregno?
“It was important to start well and we did. It’s a victory that definitely gives morale and confidence. It was our first official match that we got with a little bit of training in the legs. Sure, she lacked intelligence, but there was good material to play. Achieving the main objective well without taking too many risks and patiently we closed the match.”

Is this the right way to go? In your opinion, what do you still need to improve?
“The spirit is right, we are training with great commitment and intensity. We need to find some balance and fix some defensive mechanisms. The agreement with the new players is really good, but he can definitely improve more.”

Official debut at home next Saturday, what match do you expect and what will it take?
Novara is a very good team. They are very similar to last year and that is definitely a plus for them. I expect a high-tempo match that both teams will play openly. It will be important to approach the race well and make some mistakes in the construction of the game. They make the counterattack their strength.”

You now have the captain’s armband, what are your feelings and emotions?
“It feels really good and it’s hard to describe. Being the captain in my hometown and the club I grew up in is a source of pride for me. I thank the coach and management for choosing to give me the squad. It is an important certificate of appreciation that gives me more strength.”

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