Home sport Hockey, IIHF Launch eWorld Championships on EA Sports – FISG

Hockey, IIHF Launch eWorld Championships on EA Sports – FISG

Hockey, IIHF Launch eWorld Championships on EA Sports – FISG

IIHF is pleased to announce a new competition: IIHF eWorld Championship.

After the inaugural season of the IIHF Esports Fan Championship in 2020, IIHF Gaming is back With a new greater virtual competition. The announcement comes on the heels of the 2021-22 season, which was witnessed for the first time historic agreement Set forth between IIHF and EA SPORTS™ NHL™ 22, datedUse of IIHF licenses The emergence of the women’s national teams.

“With the launch of the IIHF eWorld Championships, we are aiming for a fresh start in the future esports offerings offered by IIHF,” President Luke Tardiff said.

Almost two years after the first launch of the virtual tournament signed by the IIHF, in 2022, the eWorld Championsip (sign in), they come back bigger than ever.

Part of the goal is to give its players more opportunities to represent their country in an official competition, so IIHF eSport has decided sought Number of countries from 16 to 22.

June qualifiers

Before teams can battle it out in the digital ice fields, each country will need to choose its own team of 2 players.

The tournament will start with rehabilitation stage Online to determine I 44 national champions: 22 for PlayStation and 22 for Xbox. The qualifiers will start in June 16 It will last until the 26th.

Once the national champions are confirmed, one The initial group stage will take place in early July. The 22 teams will be divided into 2 days of 5 and 2 days of 6 among them the first two A qualifier will go to the playoffs.

Once in the quarter-finals (the following week), you will continue until the announcement next hero From the IIHF eWorld Championship 2022.

From day one of the groups to the grand final, all matches It will be streamed and thus visible all over the world.

open recordings

Recordings for The 2022 IIHF eWorld Championship can be played here.

In order to participate, each player must own the extension nationality At least one of the participating teams has 16 years and owning one NHL™ 22 . version For “Xbox One” or “PlayStation 4”. It will also be possible to share with PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X | S.

IIHG Gaming will host the 2022 eWorld Championship in collaboration with its major partners: Skoda and Strauss.

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