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Football Panorama: Caroñez-Faresina Derby. Sarono to Verano, Lunat-Turati

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Sarono – Today all the local football teams are on the field. Then series d For the fifth day, the Carones-Faresina derby will take place, starting at 15, with referee Giuseppe Lascaro of Matera and his assistants Giovanni Boito of Padua and Alicia Cerrato of San Dona del Piave.

In the secondary categories it runs from 3.30 pm. for the fifth day of Excellence Vis Nova Giussano-Ardor Lazzate with referee Elia Nunzio Maria Salerno of Catania, assistants Vincenzo Manno of Milan and Martin Madaschi of Bergamo.

in Upgrade functionalOn the fifth day, Amici dello Sport – Aurora Uboldesi with referee Morad Rugla of Serigno, assistants Simone Carletti of Como and Luigino Bianchi of Como; Fbc Saronno-Baranzatese with referee Alessio Galantino from Pavia (no assistants expected; we play at Verano Brianza), Meda-Esperia Lomazzo with referee Marco Pigozzi from Lomellina Division, assistants Francesco Luciani from Milan and Mattia Ardesi from Brescia; and Universal Solaro-Morazzone with referee Gaetano D’Ambrosio of Como, assistants Daniele Rizzi of Busto Arsizio and Matilde Barlocco of Busto Arsizio.

in first categoryOn the fifth day in Group A Veniano-Pro Azzurra Mozzate with Referee Pietro De Battista of Lecco, Fc Tradate-Sommese with Referee Gennaro Romanelli of Milan and Lonate Ceppino-Salus Turate with Referee Matteo Zanta of Seregno. In Group B Cantù San Paolo-Rovellasca 1910 with referee Marco Palladino from Legnano and Sc United-Asd Ceriano with referee Hamza Hajjaj from Treviglio.

in second class Day 5, in Group X Antoniana Cestelum with Referee Andrea Santarcero of Busto Arsizio, Ardor Cogliatis with Referee David Calabro of Busto Arsizio, Guernzanes FC Torino with Referee Giorgio Brisciani of Busto Arsizio, Pro Juventut-Bordo with Referee Francesco. of Gallarate, and Borsanese-Nuova Abbiate with referee Giovanni Maurizio Fantini of Busto Arsizio.

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in third class From Varese, day 3, Amore Sportiv-Gerbon with referee Roberto Bernacci of Gallarate, in the Liguinian group, also day 3, Dal Pozzo-San Luigi Pugliano with referee Gabriel Zavaroni of Sarono.


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