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Hockey, Serie A2, Blue Factor goal against Hobbystore

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Castiglione clearly wins on Bari’s path: Grosseto succumbs 11-6. Five Buralli and a Guarguaglini hat-trick in biancocelesti.

Unfortunately, the presence of Circe Capella (author of a hat-trick) was not enough in the Hobbystore, who descended from the A1 series to play playing time in view of the meeting with the under-23 national team of the European Championship in Portugal. .

Grosseto: Derby at the end Nd that day 8 Serie A2: On the track in Via Mercurio no Alberto Aloisi’s Blue Factor Castiglione forces the leaders law and extends the Hobbystore’s reds and whites by 11-6.

The game felt eve, given the many exes. the Cp Grosseto from Carlo Gucci with Serse Cabella augmentation from A1, sChips almost immediately: a minute later, Guarguaglini completes the triangulation for 1-0 biancoceleste. Not even a clockwise turn and Brunelli emerges from behind the door and seals the victory, 2-0. Grosseto was stunned, so Guarguaglini touched down Borali’s long-range shot to seal the victory 3-0. Red and White shake and Battaglia kills Saeta from the ledge. However, as Castiglione speeds up, other goals arrive: Borali first scores 4-1 from distance, then converts the penalty kick to make it 5-1 at half-time. Capella also scored from the penalty spot, and with Alessandro Saita’s blue, Burali took the lead and put it up 6-2. On Buralli’s blue, Saitta made his Battaglia pit stop as the teams made a break.

In the second half, it’s ready to go and Blue Factor extends: 30 seconds and Guarguaglini scored 7-2, with Buralli responding another 30 seconds later for an 8-2. The race is closed but still intense. Saita avoids a Salvadori penalty, shoots Peru 9-2 and then gets the blue button. Battaglia scored 9-3 with a free kick, then in the Blue Series at Capella, he stopped Bruni Burali; And a little later, Bruni again managed to score a penalty kick on Burali. On the blue in Battaglia, Guarguaglini does not pass Bruni and on a 10th mistake by Castiglione also Saitta stops Battaglia. Buralli shoots the defender 10-3 (five for him and 20th in the championship), and on the new blue in Battaglia, Guarguaglini doesn’t turn with Montauti managing an 11-3. Castiglione relaxes and no longer defends in front of Donini: Capella thus shortens even a blue free-kick to Perfetti, with the last goal scored by Nerouzi in the final 11-6. Blue Factor, which remains alone at the top of the ranking.

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Castiglione held off the chain-positive Grosseto Hobbystore, to win the big match on Day 8 of the A2 Championship, on Mario Parri’s track in Via Mercurio. Carlo Gucci’s boys couldn’t stop Aloisi’s quintet, who made a quick start, with three goals in the space of nine minutes, two of them in the second half of the match. However, Cp, who was less consistent than the previous two games, came out applauding for a good final game, making it possible to go from 3-11 to 6-11 in the final.

Hobbystore’s view. the The Serie A2 Maremma derby took the road to Castiglione During the second minute during which Blue Factor scored two goals within forty seconds with Guarguaglini and Brunelli. Hobbystore tried to fight back, but Guarguaglini also found it 3-0. The match became even as the minutes went by after Battaglia’s amazing goal. Federico Borali’s brace kept the clubs away. In the 15th minute, after an acrobatic chance from Salvadoran, Ceres Cabella pitted Michael Saita 2-5. A red card foul by Ale Saitta sends Buralli to a penalty kick in the 21st minute: the former converts the first free kick by going past Bruni.

Before the end of the first half, at 2’10, Battaglia hit a free kick that was saved by Saita, while a shot from Nerouzi hit the crossbar. In the second half, 31 seconds later, Castiglione made it 7-2 with Guarguaglini converting an assist from the right into golden. In the fifth minute Salvadori puts a penalty kick aside, while the Peruvian lifts it up and finally crushes it, ending the match. Grosseto, who failed on his third direct shot of the day for Salvadoran, didn’t give up and found a great goal in Battaglia’s conversion. Bruni stopped Borali’s free kick twice, while Battaglia’s direct shot was stopped by Saita on 14 minutes. Ten minutes and pennies to go Frederick Borali Agent Blue carries in double digits. Goals from Capella (exceptional 6-12) and Battaglia in the 22nd minute, which arrived after a good finish for the red and white, but made the defeat less bitter.

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HOBBYSTORE CP GROSSETO: Tommaso Bruni (Alessandro Del Viva); Alessandro Saeta, Riccardo Salvadori, Francesco Boracelli, Michele Nerozzi, Circe Capella, Lorenzo Alfieri, Matteo Battaglia. Carlo Gucci flock.

Castiglione Blue Factor: Michael Saita, Alessandro Donini; Mattia Pirro, Federico Borali, Diego Guarguaglini, Filippo Honore, Brando Santoni, Filippo Montotti, Luigi Brunelli, Emanuele Perfetti. Coach Alberto Aloisi.

Referee: Roberto Totti from Salerno.

Goals: pt (2-6) 1’02 Guarguaglini (C), 1’52 Brunelli (C), 9’02 Guarguaglini (C), 9’51 Battaglia (G), 10’58 and 12’05. Buralli (C), pen 14’01. Capella (g), 20’12 boraly (c); st 0’31” Guarduaglini (C), 1’02 Buralli (G), 6’57 Piro (C), 8’58 Battaglia (G), 14’09 Buralli (C), 16’23 Montauti (C), 21’42 Kapila (G), 21’56 Naruzi (G), 23’12 Kapila (G).

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