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Football mourns the death of “captain” Carmelo Fosca

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He stepped aside many years ago. He never looked for the spotlight. “Commandator” Carmelo Fosca spoke a little, but in his ways of doing things, in his authority, without being tyrannical, he knew how to make himself heard and heard. His disappearance takes us further and further away from football in the past, the disappearance of clay pitches, without watching pay TV and pictures on the web, but with stadiums always full. Kahn, Carmelo Fosca, For many years chief Vibonese Everyone remembers his exploits and deeds regretted about football in the past.

He is highly regarded nationally, as for several years he was also the coordinator of field commissioners for the National Amateur League. Over 40 years in the football world, “Commendatore” He was gifted with great charisma and always tried to help football in Calabria As a member of the Interregional Committee. He was given a task, which included a broad vision and a broad knowledge of the facts and situations inherent in all the football teams of the entire Italian League, a rather complicated task, in short, with the management of the field of hundreds of commissioners, to be dispatched from time to time in games of particular importance, Or in games with special environmental difficulty, or when there are certain requests by clubs. Honorable Executive from Coni and FIGCis everywhere remembered as a respectable person, always available, never arguing, and always listened to.

as a football manager Its name is definitely associated with Vibonese. Lots of adventures on top of the Russopley Club. Up and down, but under the direction of “Commendatore” Carmelo FuscĂ , the Vibonese team lived its best years, when they dominated all the fields of Calabria, and within a few years climbed from the first category to the Italian league. , with many fans. In Luigi Razza there has always been a full house. And everyone remembers with fondness those years when Vibonese was welcomed everywhere under the “Commendatore”. Passionate and efficient, Foska leaves a great memory of himself. The memory, unfortunately, of football no longer exists.

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