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Hockey Serie A1 / F – Polisportiva Valverde sells to Argentia ⋆ Sport Web Sicilia

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Second defeat in a row for the women’s team Polisportiva Valverde, Today, they participate at HC Argentia for the match valid for the ninth day of the Italian Serie A.

It yields etneas 2-1 to arancionero, but provides excellent performance. The Lombard players scored their best moment in Valdesi and closed out the first half with a score of 2-0 thanks to the positions of Manzoni and Gerke. The girls trained by the Trinidad Cannon don’t fall apart and continue to build games and opportunities, shorting with Guadalupe Rosso Andini in short development. The race reopened and Valverde attacked on equal terms with a dangerous opportunity thwarted on the line and a short final with the ball hissing a few centimeters off the near post.

After the match, the coach of Etna applauded her daughters: “We lost, but the team’s performance was more than good. We played with the current champions, who have very valuable foreigners among their ranks. From our side, we are in some difficulty, due to the absence of Justina Paz and other diseases, such as Magali Varela, who played with a hand that was not in perfect condition. However, we took the risk of drawing it and we could also win it. We conceded goals in our best moments, but we responded well, took advantage of a short period and touched the goal several times, we were tough and focused inside the game until the end I am satisfied but sad about the result. It still bothers me that I lost at home with the Butterfly at home a week ago. Because even with a tie we would have lost the ranking to get to the top six. Unfortunately we like to suffer and we will have to play it to the end. Sunday will be a fight other in the home of the Lorenzoni chiefs.”

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High Commissioner in Argentina: Caruso, Bavaro, Bianchi, Pogliolo, Campanale, Carloni Rodriguez, De Biasi, Garravo, Jerk, Gibben, Grinon, Manzoni, Norbis, Orengo, Basila, Ruvati, Sinfonico, Viberalska. Coach: Fabrizio.

POLISPORTIVA VALVERDE: Marlita, Poti, Varela, R. Mirabella, Rosso Andini, T. Conalby-Lacroix, b. Conalbe Lacroix, Bonfiglio, Baldanza, Cocorollo, Landro, Pistorio, Servadio, Frista. Coach: Canon.

Marks: Mazzoni, Jerky (A), Rosso Andini (V).

Referees: Zeretta Fiorenza.

DTC: Vitello.

Chrono: by FiCR

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