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Bernardi reassures Cortina for hockey. Havero remains the main sponsor.

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Cortina Havro’s players cheer

The president denies rumors about a possible farewell. Now it comes to solving the training problem: “These are crucial hours for my peten, yes”

the interview

Luca de Michele

Jerome Group remains the main sponsor of Cortina hockey.

This was confirmed by President Silvio Bernardi, after some rumors circulated in recent days that they had seen a divorce between the Ambizu people and the Venetian group.

Nothing is right then, will it also be Havero Cortina next season?

“I confirm that there is absolutely nothing real, Jerome is also at our disposal for the upcoming tournament. He will remain the main sponsor, that’s for sure,” explains Bernardi, “We have been working in recent weeks to find new sponsors, as is already the case. New supporters who can help us and join us Jerome Group, we need them to continue our work.”

The Hafro-branded Geromin group has been a sponsor of Cortina’s hockey for 11 seasons so far, and the relationship, according to the company’s words, doesn’t look like it will end this year as anyone feared.

After avoiding the scenario of leaving you without a main sponsor, it’s time to close the administrative separation. What is missing, then, chief, as to the official status of Giorgio de Petén?

“These are crucial hours for the fate of our seat. It is no mystery that Giorgio is currently a character of our interest, we have already met him several times. But before signing the contract, we want to understand what obligations he will have with the national team in the coming years, and what his role will be. We need to be sure how much time he’ll be able to devote to Cortina before assigning him the seat, but I’d say we’re in the details.”

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In the player market, on the other hand, other teams are already moving, from Konka there is still news?

“We are awaiting the formalization of the new coach, and obviously we will negotiate with him to understand how to move in the market.”

At the moment, the only sure pawn to leave Cortina is Marco Sana, who must accept Bolzano’s court and who also has an offer from Val Pusteria anyway. After Asiago’s arrival at ICEHL (the old version of EBEL), it is expected that there will be an active market for players, especially in terms of Italians who can be courted by the three teams that play in the most famous league.

Consequently, both the Alpine and Serie A defending champions lose out and the championship is likely to drop again, although the number of teams initially remains unchanged, given the arrival of the Italian Unterland Cavaliers, born from the merger of Egna and Ora.

Thus, Cortina, who confirmed a large part of last year’s squad, can have her say and play in the top positions. The main sponsor is there now the coach is expected. One pawn at a time.

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