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Hockey, Monza arrive at Vecchio Mercato

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A presentation of the challenge is expected between Gamma Innovation Sarzana and TeamServiceCar Monza, a very unusual challenge, which even in the past has given passion and goals. “You don’t need to feel sorry for yourself – says Maurizio Coruna, head of the Sarzana hockey team, referring to the match you lost in Bassano -. In Veneto we were naive, we weren’t the ruthless Sarzana last season, we made petty mistakes, but It happens, when you have a “new” team, these are duties that you have to pay and you have to account for. But now let’s look ahead, out of sight and at the piece we first have salvation to conquer. Wednesday we play at Mercato Vecchio and we have to be one audience And one team. We need the city and we need the hole that only the old market can create.” Mr. Mirco Bertolucci echoes: “Tomorrow’s treacherous match against Monza, the team that scored a few points but did not board huge boats. A team that makes the defensive stage and restarts its best weapons. We will have to play a very careful and smart match because unlike us they did not play on Saturday and they are more comfortable.” We need to focus on one goal and that is victory to try to achieve a series of positive results before Christmas that will allow us to climb the rankings.Wednesday December 15, 2021 – 8.45pm – PalaTerzi di Sarzana (SP)
Gamma H Sarzana innovation – TEMSERVICECAR HRC MONZA
Referee: Franco Ferrari of Viareggio (LU) and Giorgio Fontana of Milan
FISRTV Live Stream – Comment from Alessandro Grasso Peroni

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