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Hockey, Mastini went out in Bressanone

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(sponsored by Massimo Airoldi) The Mastiff was defeated 3 to 2 in Bressanone in its start of the season, although it found itself in the lead twice.

The game was very beautiful, full of reversals up front and chances, on both sides, but in the end the Hawks came out, physically more reactive thanks to the longer preparation period, especially at a long distance, where the Varese people were a little tired.

Piroso is absent due to his and Belloni being left out, and the gialloneri collects young Garber from Gladiators Aosta (the farm team). The game is immediately fun, both teams play it at a good pace.

After a phase of study, the mastiff moves to Desautels which downloads the net from 8m centrally, after clashing from powerplay. The date of the hawk’s lottery was not long in coming, as a result of a flying deflection by Kirschbaumer one meter from Birla.
70 seconds go by and Telaro puts the Gialonieri in front with a Raimondi assist. Before the siren, Chyna slashed the crossbar with a solid score.

The second half starts with a more proactive brixen and on several occasions Perla separates very well. The first part of the nonsense thrives on fires and in the first moments the spread of the people of South Tyrol is felt because of two parts that force Varese into one less man.

The mastiff’s intensity increases, but Donini is very good first at releasing deflection under measurement, and then at rejecting a shot from Desautails from medium distance. M. Borghi can find the net but send to the side from an interesting position, while the Odoni-Privitera pair build two very good goals against Zero which, however, crash on Donini’s leggings.

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Brixen found a great net in the opening half with great action built into the powerplay. The Gialonieri, after a few moments of chaos, resumes grinding into the match, but at the conclusion of M. Borghi on the fly, Donini signs the Parade of the Year. On the flip side, Pearl Hounds are stuck on their paws with some adorable tackles.

Varese wastes a greedy position on numerical superiority and, conversely, gives the South Tyrolans a chance to play with the extra man in the last minutes, after Berten’s violation. Gilonieri’s last attack lacks precision, also thanks to Brixen’s dismal physical defense.

Bressanone Hawks. 30 Donini, 49 Rederlechner, 6 Doliana, 8 Tauber, 24 Leitner, 56 Nardon, 71 Hasler, 86 Scelfo, 7 F. Demetz, 19 Cianfrone, 20 Purdeller, 21 Stoffie, 23 Kostner, 34 Mantinger, 41 Magro, 74 Kershbaumer, 78 Messner, 89a. Demetz, 96 eruption. Coach: Alexander Geschleser
HCMV VARESE HOCKEY. 2 Perla (30 Dalla Santa), 3 Cena, 7 Desoteles, 22 e Mazacan, 33 Garber, 69 Bertin, 71 Picinelli, 9 Drollet, 12 Franchini, 15 Tellaro, 16 Vannetti, 19 Alivato, 21 del Vita, 23 M. Borghi, 27 M. Mazagan, 32 B. Borghi, 88 Privetera, 91 Raimondi, 97 Udoni. Coach: Claude Davies.

Falcons Bressanone – HCMV VARESE HOCKEY 3-2 (1:2 1:0 1:0)
7’40” (HCMV) Desautels PP1, 8’23” (FB) Kershbaumer (Scelfo, Kostner), 9’36” (HCMV) Tilaro (Raimondi), 36’43” (FB) Cianfrone (Purdeller, Eruzione), 42’35” (FB) Breakout (Cianfrone, Laitner) PP1

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