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Hockey, it’s evening Amatori Viareggio

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Hockey, it's evening Amatori Viareggio

Finally here we are. The day of the much-anticipated debut in the new Amatori Wasken tournament has come. Tonight (Saturday) is a date for all Lodi fans for “PalaCastellotti”, Massimo Mariotti’s newly promoted Viareggio opponent. And on the eve of his debut, Pierluigi Brisciani explains what the air in Giallorossi’s dressing room looks like: “Surely everyone, including myself, really wants to start. I see guys who can no longer stand it, want to get on the right track and pretend and play. It feels really great, because there is a great atmosphere between us, but I notice that there is a great atmosphere outside as well which is very important.” On the match against the Bianconeri: “Our goal is to lead the game and put hockey on the rink against an opponent who will definitely make us play. I don’t think Viareggio will come to press high, he will wait for us. Then anything can happen, but we are ready for anything.” Finally on where he put Amatori on the new championship grid, Bresciani concludes: “Right now, I’m not putting my team anywhere, but I always want to go as high as possible and I’m working for it. We are definitely a team with great potential that will grow even more. And more along the way.”

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