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Hockey is a clear victory for Varese, but with patience

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Both the Mastiff and all the fans present today at the Acinque Ice Arena experienced moments full of vitality and passion: Memory of Fiorenza Zanchin right before the match with the curve banner “Bon voyage Fiorenza”, the debut in the yellow and black jersey of Tommaso Cordiano, the new striker who arrived at Varese yesterday and above all won the match 4-1. By Mastini in front of a good audience present.

Without Raimondi (suspended) and without Rocco Perla (restored Dalla Santa between publications) Garber recruits the Mastiff in defense and Cordiano’s last arrival in offensewho temporarily wore the number 66 shirt.

Brixen better starts motivating Dalla Santa right away who makes 3 good interventionsThe. Hounds with Tilaro, Drolet, and Desautels, but Donini covers the bets well. There’s nothing to report in this first part, if not the many bugs on both sides, with many inaccurate touches and the game struggling to boot. The mockery of Varese comes at the first sirenwith a sarcastic disc slithering into the goal and passing under two Varese players.

The second drittel match was played much better by Varese. In the 24th minute is The fire that signs the equalizer After an excellent initiative from Vanity who runs half of the guardrail in the third attack and clears for a teammate who first sent to Donini, then resumes the bouncing ball and seals the goal.

A few minutes pass and M. Mazzacane benefits from the precious work of Elivato, able to keep the puck on the railing: the exchange with the fruitful francini and the yellow and black feature up. Dalla Santa avoids the worst with a great showdown on Cianfrone, before the trio fall from Tilaro with the help of Allevato and M. Mazakan: The player receives the disc, shoots from a central position and finds a strong conclusion that Donini can do nothing based on.

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In the third drittel game, Varese controls the challenge, which however gets bad in the first half. Brixen tries to undermine the opponent’s cage, but Dalla Santa disengages it well. However, it is Gialloneri who persistently tries to equalize the decisive, but without success, only when M. Mazzacane receives the puck and finds the fourth goal and the personal goal.

A very hard trip to Dobbiaco next Saturdayopposite the top of the class.


HCMV VARESE HOCKEY: 30 Dalla Santa (90 Mordenti), 3 Schina, 7 Desautels, 22 E. Mazzacane, 33 Garber, 37 Belloni, 69 Bertin, 71 Piccinelli, 9 Drolet, 12 Franchini, 15 Tilaro, 16 Vanetti, 19 Allevato, 23 M. Borghi , 27 M. Mazzacane, 32 P. Borghi, 55 Piroso, 66 Cordiano, 88 Privitera, 97 Odoni. Coach: Claude Davies.

The Bressanone Falcons 30 Donini, (49 Rederlechner), 6 Pezzetta, 8 Tauber, 13 Scelfo, 22 Kelder, 24 Leitner, 41 Magro, 7 F. Demetz, 16 Venturi, 19 Cianfrone, 20 Purdeller, 21 Stoffie, 44 Bergmeister, 74 Kerschbaumer, 78 Messner, 89 thousand Demetz, 96 eruptions. Coach: Alexander Geschleser

HCMV VARESE HOCKEY – Falcons Bressanone 4-1 (0:1 3: 0 1: 0). Table: 19’59” (FB) A Demetz (F. Demetz), 23’56” (HCMV) Piroso (Vanetti, Desautels), 25’31” (HCMV) M. Mazzacane (Franchini, Allevato), 32’37” ( HCMV) Tilaro (M. Mazzacane, Allevato), 58’22” (HCMV) M. Mazzacane (Bertin, Franchini).

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