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hockey. In Kloten Umbro flies, the Lugano River in Bern is flooded.

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Diamitral opposed the fate of the Ticino teams participating in the ninth day of the National League. Julida del Umbro, who set six goals in Kloten, without collecting goals. On the other hand, Lugano lost a big loss in Berne. Is the fate of coach McCorley on the banks of Ceresio sealed?

Foreigner Ambrì Filip Chlapik opened the registry and also provided assistance.

Corner stone

After two victories over Rapperswil and Zug, Ambrì also claimed his third straight win on Friday night. In Kloten, the Leventina players won 6-0, thereby raising themselves to third place in the standings.

On the track with the same formation as last week, Leventina’s players played a solid game, always keeping their focus high and conceding little or nothing to the pilots.

After the first half ended 2-0 thanks to goals from Chlapek and Spacek, the Biancoblo extended to the middle, reaching 5-0. Pure Cosmetics is the sixth mesh I’ve found in Pistone.

Lugano annihilated by Bern

If the match six days ago in a statement gave McSorley and his team fresh air, tonight’s game on the Burning Ice, victorious 7-3, has highlighted all the difficulties that have marked the start of the season.

Despite the good start, in which Fazzini opened the dances, Lugano suffered too much from a tie for the Bears who always came on the first break.

From that moment on, the Bianconeri struggled to create a match and Berne seized the opportunity to spread out and grab the three points.

A question automatically arises from this: Is Chris McSurley’s fate on the Juventus bench completely sealed?

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