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Field hockey. SKF Valchisone stops Tiber with a draw

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Field hockey.  SKF Valchisone stops Tiber with a draw

League leaders Teferi met their match against hockey team SKF Prato Valcesoni, who held them to a draw (3-3) on May 25, 2024 at the Stadio Tazzoli in Turin.

SKF Valchisone drew at home against Teferi and continued their good form. Despite this, the redemption race is still wide open with 5 teams (out of 8 total) four points behind competing for the three places that will allow them to maintain the category.

The first half with a penalty kick from each side

At Campo Tazzoli in Turin, the Romans started better, winning and scoring a penalty with Cardenas in the first quarter (1-0). The referees start allocating several green and yellow cards (each one entailing a temporary sending off) and the Valley residents have to face a few minutes with 8 players, to get through the moment unscathed. Eduardo Delano then equalized from a penalty kick at the end of the first half.

Advantage of Tiberia and the return of Falcheson

In the second half, the visitors regained the lead with Garoni’s goal after a counterattack (1-2). The score remained unchanged in the third quarter while the Valley Residents equalized immediately in the final quarter, again from a penalty kick by Eduardo Delano. The numerous cards given led to the temporary sending off of goalkeeper Teverino Federici. The inhabitants of the valley took advantage of the situation and completed the comeback with Ceballos: 3-2. In the 6th minute from the end, Tefer was awarded another penalty kick which Cardenas converted to make it 3-3.

Heavy points in the Romanian match away from home

Next week, Falcesoni will play in Rome against Butterfly, currently tied in the standings with the Valley Residents, a key match because with three days remaining in the tournament, every point becomes very important.

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HP SKF Valchisone – HC Tiber Eur 3-3


  • Year AH (2)
  • Ceballos (V)
  • Cardenas (2)
  • Jaruni (d.)

an exercise

HBS KF Falcon:

  • please
  • Alifridi J.
  • Ali Faridi S.
  • Ceballos
  • From year A.
  • From the year AH.
  • Durand
  • Justito
  • Tongue
  • Longo
  • Minito
  • Monardo
  • Monia
  • My little girl
  • Solera
  • Tosilo
  • Ojito A.
  • Ojito M.


  • Amsekora 25
  • Tiber 24
  • Lazio 19
  • Butterfly 13
  • Valchizon 13
  • Ferrini 12
  • Tricolor 11
  • bra 10

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