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Canada: North America qualifying for the World Cup after 36 years

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The Canada Come back At the World Cup after the last 36 years. A historic victory for the Canadian national team that won on the thirteenth day of the North American qualifying round for Qatar 2022 4-0 There Jamaica. Coach Hertmann’s team would have taken a point to snatch the pass for the match, but in the decisive match Lauren and Buchanan thought to run the end in the first half, with Hoyle’s goal and Mariappa’s own goal in the final. Great feast for North Americans at the end of the competition Mexico have been out of the World Cup since 1986. Excluding Canada, it tops the group with 28 points Near direct qualification 2022 for Qatar United States And Mexico. The United States They scored 5-1 Panama, Basalik with best protagonist: Hat-trick for Chelsea (two goals from Ariola and Ferreira). Second in the rankings for Americans with 25 points MexicoHe overcame it 1-0 L ‘Honduras Thanks to Alvarez for the decisive goal. In both nationals, one point on the last day is enough to win the live pass arithmetic. Finally won 2-1 in El Salvador And fourth place Costa Rica (Contreras and Campbell’s goals): Unless they win the next round against the United States and combine exciting combinations with simultaneous goal difference Failure Keeler Navas’ national team will be called up to play, allowing Mexico to qualify directly against El Salvador. Playoff Qualification for access to the World Cup. Will be challenging One between New Zealand and the Solomon IslandsWho will meet in the final of the Oceania team.

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