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Hockey field, the first part of the season is over, and now it’s an indoor field for Cus Pisa

Pisa, December 2, 2021 – discontinued Italian field hockey With the suspension of tournaments that will resume in the spring. The Cos of Pisa He competes in Serie A1 with the men’s team, while in A2 with the women’s team. In the next few days, the indoor tournament will begin.

Male Pisa CUS – Still running for redemption after half the championship, Men’s yellow and blue team coached by coach Giorgi. Cus in fact if he plays for Roma and Bondino, the latter is already defeated in the league. In fact, until March there will be an indoor stadium and for the field hockey segment, Bisan Club will organize itself to search for salvation. This is the standings at the moment: Polisportiva Ferrini 13, Città del Tricolore 11, Hp Valchisone 9, Sg Amsicora 8, Lazio 8, Bondeno 6, Cus Pisa 4, Rome 4, Adige 0. This is the team: Amato, Biancaniello, Cavallini, A. Colella, M. Colella, Conti, B. Gallon, R. Gallon, Gasolla, Guiji, F. Mallucci, M. Mallucci, Moggi, Khairy, S.; Zubi, M Zubi. Georgian herds. For indoor hockey starting in the next few days, men’s CUS Pisa will play Valchisone, Paolo Bonomi, Bra, Cus Padova and Adige in their qualifying round which, if won, precedes the tournament.

FEMALE PISA CUSGroup B closes in last, Cus Pisa, Group B1 of the A2 Women’s Series, behind Lazio and U Hockey Capitolina. Past glories are too far away When cussine won indoor and outdoor tournaments. These are the yellow blues who entered the field in the last game against Hockey Capitolina, coached by Chirico: Betti, Bigongiari, Cherubini, C. Chirico, C. Ciucci, V. Ciucci, Corradini, Falcitelli, Foggi, Lanfranco, Picconocchi, Rovini, Banks. As for the A1 Division I qualifiers that will start in the next few days, the women are listed in Group C against Rainbows, Pistoia and Savona.

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Meet in Pisa – Coach of the Italian national team for the women’s national under-21 hockey team, Martina Chirico 22 players called for The meeting to be held in PaceFrom December 3 to 5, 2021. Athletes come from 12 different clubs and the team with the most players is Moncalvese, with four elements. The meeting is a preparatory meeting for the EuroHockey Indoor II Junior Championships from Sveti Ivan Zelina (Croatia), which from 18-19 December 2021 will see Italy participate with Ireland, Sweden and Croatia.

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