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Football franchise, Pepe Angelini on the podium at the Livorno seat

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Coach Boglio resigned after being knocked out for the second time at home this season. Labronici leader at +5


| 23:17 – 07 March 2022

Baby Angelini
Baby Angelini.

Sarah Baby Angelini Livorno’s new coach, Group B leaders from Tuscany Excellence and whose club director is Rimini Igor Proti. Al-Qatif club lost 1-0 at home in the last round at the hands of Fratricis Perignano, with a knockout that prompted former San Marino coach Francesco Boglio to resign, which the club accepted.

The defeat is the second at home this season which testifies to a worrying decline in performance: 5 points in 4 matches, the result of one win, two draws and one defeat. Boglio leaves the team at the top of the standings with 37 points, five more than the number one stalker, Coyobili, who, however, has a game less.

According to Altarimini.it, Pepe Angelini was contacted on Monday afternoon via a phone call from President Tokafundi; After the first meeting in the evening, there was a meeting in Prato where the agreement that would become official on Tuesday was set. Angelini da Prato has arrived in Livorno and will run the first training session on Tuesday. Angelini will not have collaborators. The agreement is for these two months and, if promoted, he is likely to be the coach for next season as well.

Angelini, from Rimini, born in 1965, had three promotions as coach from Serie D to C with Bellaria, Santarcangelo and Cesena, worked in the Juventus youth sector and led Cesena Primavera. Last season he was coach of the Serie A club Forli on the threshold of the playoffs, and has not yet been reconfirmed. We remember that former Rimini striker Daniele Fantagiato plays for Livorno.

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