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Hockey Como Larijani can’t be stopped halfway: even the leader Caldaro is defeated

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The Hockey Como opened the second round of the National IHL Championship.

Hockey Cuomo four successes in a row for coach Da Rin’s team, which won yesterday 5-2 against Casate

It’s the unstoppable Como hockey game that opened the second round of the IHL Championship by ringing his fourth straight win and stopping former leader Caldaro until yesterday undefeated. Instead, yesterday he had to stop at Casate where Mexican Hector Magul took the lead first with the expected former on duty and then collected the tyrannical return of the Aryans who tied with Fola and then escaped with the nets of Cality, Dinicola and. Harwell. At the start of the third time Capanelli cut the distance but then he thought about it again Fola to close the accounts and give this very heavy victory to the Como team who will return to the right track next Sunday again at home against Valdivimi to take revenge on Coe. He suffered in the first leg 3-6.

Lorenzo Fola from Hockey Como

Hockey Como Scoreboard – Dobbiaco Icebears 5-2

Partial: 0-1, 4-0, 1-1

Scorers: 3.10 H. Majul Villasenor (D), 26.43 L. Vola (C), 33.38 E. Caletti (C), 34.56 N. Dinicola (C), 37.24 C. Harwell (C), 43.57 A. Capannelli (D) , 45.54 l. beola (c)

Como Hockey: Federico Tesini 60:00 (Daniel Mattia D’agate); Alessandro Rey – Francesco Saver; Riccardo Ambrosoli – Riccardo Codipo; Daniel Fusini – Alessandro Paramedani; Lorenzo Casiraghi; Nicholas Robert Dinicola – Eduardo Maurizio Maria Caletti – Chase Lorenzo Harwell; Lorenzo Fulla – Dylan Giglio – David Zamin; Luca Formentines – Lorenzo Marcati – Andrea Pirelli; Luca Judi Zordan; Massimo da Rain di Lorenzo;

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This is the program for Round 10, the first return of IHL 2022/23

Saturday 12 November Varese-Bressanone 4-1, Pergine-Appiano 1-2, Caldaro-Alleghe 5-0, Valdifiemme-Valpellice 1-3; Sunday the 13th at 6.45pm Como-Dobbiaco 5-2.

Arrangement of international humanitarian law 23/22

Caldaro 24 Dobbiaco 23; Eban 20, two towers, Varese 18; Valdivimi 17; Como 12 Bressanone, Valplace 9; attach 0.

This is the program for the eleventh round, the second return of IHL 2022/23

Saturday 19 November Dobbiaco-Varese, Bressanone-Caldaro, Valbles-Eban, Alleg-Bergen; Sunday 20 at 6.45 pm Como-Valdifiemme.

Hockey Como 2022

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