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Hockey Challenge Sarzana Grosseto in the Old Market

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Gamma Innovation Sarzana on Wednesday evening challenges Edilfox Grosseto at 8.45pm. These are the words of President Maurizio Corona on the eve of the meeting: “It is the worst time to face this team. It came from qualifying for the second round of the elimination stage, winning the La Roche on Yon group and is the result of three excellent performances with two heavy victories. They will definitely reach Polivalente “with gas” And also the veterans of the league from two consecutive victories, it will be a really complicated match, they have a prepared roster and they confirmed the squad last season by bringing in a great player like de Oro. The best Sarzana will be needed to achieve a victory that guides the season in the best possible way.” Paulo de Renaldes’ side have just come back from a narrow defeat to Bassano, a defeat that left many bitter taste in the mouth of Piazza Terzi, a match in which De Renaldes’ side deserved at least a draw. But the positive results of the Rossoneri who scored six points in the standings after three days and collected excellent scalps like Valdagno and Lodi, not forgetting that Sarzanese’s team has renewed six tenths compared to last season. Therefore, Edilfox Grosseto, in a positive moment of the season, qualifying for the second round of the elimination stage for the champion stimulated the entire red and white environment. Now the team, led by former Rossoneri Michel Acheli, is rushing back into the league with the strength of the six points it won that sees them paired with Sarzanese for the overall standings. The Maremmans are back from two straight victories, the 7-1 away win at Sandrigo and the 4-3 home win over CGC Viareggio. Rossoneri is full and eager to put Bassano’s defeat behind them. (Pictured by Vincenzo Gianfranchi, Facundo Ortiz scores against Lodi.)

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