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Hockey boys, Barcelona lights

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To make sports and social work go hand in hand, and to direct teaching to the young. This is the motto that has accompanied the continuous work of Pgs Don Bosco 2000 for 37 years, a remarkable reality in Barcelona in the second division of hockey. Not only the mathematical result, at the base of the project there is also and first of all the idea of ​​favoring the harmonious development of a person by giving children an alternative to the street. «Inclusivity and aggregation – says the president Sergio Fraumeni, At the head of the club since 2010 – are the building blocks. Our motto is to make children grow in sports by instilling them with real life values.” Salesian discourse asserts itself as a reference environment that translates into the nurturing and formation of youth. “We educate them – and he explains – we empower them on their growth trajectory.”
The history of the company dates back to 1985. To expand the training offer by bringing young people closer to new activities, the Salesian priest at that time was Don Jimmy Paterno He saw hockey as an alternative to traditional sports. The project took off, and to the young animator Claudio Balella I touched the first seat of the team. Since then, a long story full of life and joy but also sacrifices has unfolded, because “to convey our feelings to the youth means to make great sacrifices.” It is a must that the Barcelona environment knows very well.
These are the components of the artistic squad Giuseppe Genovese. goalkeepers: Matteo Furniture, Antonio Triolo. Defenders: SEbastiano Matzio, Giuseppe Genovese, Santi de Pasquale, Christian Mellon, Nicolas D’Angelo, Giovanni Barbaro, Salvatore Trevello, Anthony Fazio. Midfielders: Alessandro Borghese, Carmelo Scarpaci, Gaetano Raimo, Riccardo De Pasquale, Elia Pino, Carmelo Calabrese. Attackers: Alessandro Matzio, Alessandro La Roca, Marcelo Colica, Samuel Aliberti. Lino Miyano.

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